Tortoise Automaton by Raúl Pagès

Switzerland based master watchmaker Raúl Pagès unveils his first creation, the “Tortoise” automaton, which moves thanks to a mechanism similar to a watch movement. With this unique piece, entirely manufactured in Switzerland, the independent brand PAGÈS brings back to life the forgotten tradition of prestigious automatons.

The “Tortoise” automaton is the result of several years of work that have gone into the search for excellence. All the parts that go into the movement — a total of over 300 — were produced by craftsmen in the greatest respect of watchmaking traditions. Great care has been given to the finishing: hand bevelling, guilloche work, Côtes de Genève.

The shell was engraved and enamelled by craftsmen in the area. The shell, the legs and the head are made out of 18-cts gold. Diamonds have been inserted in the claws and the eyes are decorated with sapphires.

A key is used to wind up the Tortoise which then moves forward while moving its legs and head. This piece is unique, and is the first of a very limited series of tortoises each of which will be different and exclusive.

The tortoise is the emblem of longevity, wisdom and perseverance, values that Raúl Pagès seeks to express in his automata.

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