Société Horlogère Reconviler AG is a traditional Swiss watch maker based in Zug.

Société Horlogère Reconvilier (SHR) was first officially documented in 1905. It was known at the time for classical watches in traditional design with relatively simple Roskopf movements (patented 1860) – a watchword for quality, precision and high reliability.

The acquisition of the “Louis Roskopf & Cie”-patents around 1923 created the basis for the fast increasing development and reputation of solid, reliable and price competitive watches. Reconvilier became famous as “the people’s watch” and sold many pieces all over the world. Until 1970 the company was registered in the Swiss canton Bern. In the year 2006 Reconvilier was revitalized in the canton of Zug.

Since its foundation in 1905, Reconvilier belongs to the Swiss watch making tradition: producing exclusive time pieces absolutely reliable, meticulously designed and sophisticated in terms of technical innovation. At the heart of every Reconvilier timepiece is the finest, intricate, precise and always reliable mechanical movement. Newest technical innovations and selected materials determine today the development of the brand.

Contact details

Société Horlogère Reconvilier AG
mit Sitz in Zug
Ober Altstadt 6
CH-6300 Zug/Schweiz

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