ArtyA – ‘Son of Earth’ Collection

The ‘Son of Earth’ Collection of watches from Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA are designed by Yvan Arpa and his artist wife Dominique Arpa Cirpka. Unveiled at this year’s Geneva Time Exhibition, these new watch models draw their inspiration from the exotic colors of Mother Nature.

Its designers have used natural pigments from exotic places around the world they have been visiting. While most of these pigments come from organic substances, such as minerals, plants, though some were also obtain from animals, like the sea snail from the murex shell. These pigments have been used by wall painting in Prehistory and also by the painters of emperor.  These pigments are also rare. For example, the purple from the murex, a very rare pigment as hundred of the little snails must be captured to do only 1 gram of pigment.

The blue pigment used for the tribal designed Artya watch comes from indigo plant from Egypt. For the dials, they used different art techniques directly on the dial and those processes are exclusives for ArtyA and copyright protected.

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