Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger

Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger is the third generation of timepieces equipped with the Harmonious Oscillator.  This revolutionary regulator featuring two toothed balances is a unique invention minimising the effects of gravity while boasting highly sophisticated decorative details hand-worked by the region’s finest craftsmen.

When the Harmonious Oscillator was unveiled at Baselworld 2009, many watchmakers declared the invention to be as important as the Breguet Tourbillon created over 200 years earlier.

This horological revolution with toothed balances is the only device in the world that instantly eliminates the effect of gravity in the vertical position. The two toothed balances are interlinked. This link ensures the same amplitude. The symmetry and energy of the balance springs are in permanent opposition, enabling instantaneous average correction in the vertical position.

The Harmonious Oscillator, which is the world’s number one gravity-combating device, is not only an embodiment of technical brilliance; it also appears in only the most lavish surroundings. It is always associated with rare feats of craftsmanship such as engraving, enamelling, guillochage and bevelling.

Rudis Sylva not only invented the Harmonious Oscillator; since its creation in 2006, the brand has also adopted an approach which is exceptional in the world of watchmaking. Its 3 founding shareholders still own the share capital, which has not increased since the company was founded. It’s an approach that cements the credibility of a brand categorised as an independent watchmaker. Rudis Sylva has invested in the production of its own movement. Only 7 of its components are purchased from external suppliers, with the bridges, balances, gears, screws, pinions and other parts all produced in its partner factory, one of the most productive manufacturing sites in the watchmaking world which boasts skilled workers and modern, sophisticated production equipment.

Featuring extraordinary finishes, Rudis Sylva timepieces combine state of the art technology and superb craftsmanship. Understandably, such sophistication cannot be mass-produced, and each piece is unique. Consequently, they enjoy exclusive distribution, with only the world’s top retailers registered as holders of the brand. These retailers guarantee superior horological expertise, and know how to take techniques such as Grand Feu enamelling, engraving, inset bevelling and hand guillochage to their technical heights.

The Harmonious Oscillator
The two toothed balances are interlinked. This link ensures the same amplitude. The symmetry and energy of the balance springs are constantly opposed, enabling instantaneous average correction in the vertical position, which eliminates the effect of gravity.

  • The frequency is 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
  • The cage turns 360 degrees in 60 seconds
  • The pallet fork is positioned at 90 degrees
  • The double barrel ensures a power reserve of 70 hours

Second Indicator Bridge: Machined from titanium and hand-bevelled, this bridge includes 28 inward corners. It takes 10 times longer to create an inward corner in titanium than a rounded corner in steel!

Main plate: The lower part of this strategic component features a hand-crafted guilloche decoration of tapering pyramids. From the edge to the centre of the piece, each guilloche line includes 60 pyramids, each one smaller than its neighbour, requiring extremely meticulous guilloche operations.

The engraving: Apparent in the marking on the double barrel bridge, the sun dial or in the text on the back of the watch, the infinitely precise engraving magnifies the skill of the hand-engraver whose painstaking work is carried out under binoculars.

Grand feu enamel: The silica stones are crushed by hand and mixed with water. The resulting material is then applied to the hand-engraved surfaces and placed in an kiln at 840 degrees. Finally, the enamel is polished to obtain a perfect sun dial.

The unique technology offered by Rudis Sylva positions the Harmonious Oscillator above all existing tourbillons, since it is completely freed from the effects of gravity. The hand finishing makes each product unique and pays tribute to the various branches of watchmaking artistry.

Technical details
Reference: RS 12 Grand Art Horloger

Pink or grey gold 18 cts
Width: 44 mm
Height    : 14.3 mm
Case finish: vertical satin finish
Bezel finish: polished
Horn finish: welded, polished and micro-blasted
Inter-horn distance: 23 mm
Case Back: pink gold or grey gold, screwed ; Hand-engraved sun dial with grand feu enamel
Crown: pink gold or grey gold with machine engraved logo

Hour, minute and second indicator
Hour and minute indicator ring: sun decoration
Second indicator ring: bevelled
Hand centre: hand guilloche work
Hand guilloche work pattern: progressive circular pyramids
Hands: Gold, hand decorated
Decoration: drawing on the 2 faces, bevelling on the flanks
Main plate: hand guilloche worked, 60 tapering pyramids

Harmonious Oscillator
Dimensions: Thickness: 7.78 mm / Diameter: 39.55 mm
Winding: manual, 49 crown revolutions
Power reserve: about 70 hours
Manufacture    made by Rudis Sylva
Purchases from third parties-7 parts: escapement, stones, spring, Incabloc
Indicators: hour, minute, seconds
Main plate machining: on machine with bed plate, 175 operations
Accuracy check : 100% of components

Harmonious oscillator 
System unique worldwide, patent no. 575/09
Balances: toothed, interlinked, ensuring the same amplitude
Escapement:    only 1 with 1 pallet fork positioned at 90 degrees
Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Cage rotation: 360 degrees in 60 seconds
Cage diameter: 17.40 mm
Balance-springs: 2, flat, asymmetric deployment
Balance-spring symmetry and energy: constantly opposed
Vertical gravity correction: instantaneous, completely eliminating the effect of gravity

Movement finishes
Haute Horlogerie finishing
Main plate: bevelling, tapering pyramid guilloche work
Bridges: hand-decorated, bevelling, circular graining, drawing
Gear trail: circular graining, diamond-polished corners
Screws: machine threading with controlled undercut
Barrel drum: snailed
Titanium cage bridge: bevelling, 28 inward corners, drawing (30 hours’ work)

Real alligator, large scales with tassel
Buckle: tongue pink gold or grey gold 18 cts

Retail price: CHF 250,000.-

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