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MONTROUGE by Memorigin Bruce Lee Club Series Tourbillon Watch

In 2012, Memorigin created a special edition tourbillon watch as a tribute to Bruce Lee in association with Hong Kong based Bruce Lee Club.

Bruce Lee, a Hong Kong movie star who had a legendary story and his films deeply embedded in people’s minds. It is not exaggerating to describe him as “star of the century”. He has created a revolutionary influence on the world martial arts legacy and towards the society.

The Bruce Lee statue is located on the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. The sparkling of the statue spots the beauty of Victoria Harbour. To commemorate the greatness of Bruce Lee, Memorigin, a Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand, and MONTROUGE, the high-end brand series under Memorigin, were invited by the Hong Kong Bruce Lee Club to cooperate together to launch a tourbillon watch which has strong Hong Kong spirit. For the primary design inspiration of the watch, it is based on the Bruce Lee statue. The momentum of the statue is engraving on the dial which is made by the 18-karat gold.

Memorigin is a brand that is established by top designers and watch collectors in Hong Kong. All the design inspirations are from the unique Hong Kong style – the merge of Chinese and Western cultural elements. Especially, Memorigin is proud of publicizing the Hong Kong spirit that let the World know about the tourbillon watch from Hong Kong. Besides, MONTROUGE is a brand under Memorigin that specializes in coordinating the projects with all celebrities and the groups.

On the other hand, this year is the 7th year anniversary of establishment of Bruce Lee statue. To tribute the contribution of Bruce Lee, 3 parties, Memorigin, MONTROUGE and Bruce Lee Club, coordinated in a project that launched a tourbillon watch for limited edition. For promoting the moral of Kung Fu and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, the Bruce Lee club aims to lead the teenagers to know more about this legendary celebrity.

As Memorigin is a brand that appreciates the Hong Kong spirit, it is extremely perfect to use Bruce Lee, an icon of Hong Kong, as the design inspiration of the tourbillon watch. For this project, 3 parties joint together to present a masterpiece to all Hongkongers and the fans of Bruce Lee in the World. Through the Bruce Lee Club Series, you can always memorize the greatness of Bruce Lee.

The craftsmanship of the Bruce Lee Series represents the difficulty and complexity of the art. The muscle of the 18-Karat Bruce Lee sculpture is clearly engraved on the dial. The real-like sliver color coated sculpture of Vitoria Harbour view is an icing of the cake to the whole design. Thus, the time spending on manufacturing this tourbillon watch is longer because of the extremely high difficulty. This tourbillon watch will only be launched in limited quantity. Each set of Bruce Lee Series is assembled with a certificate which is authorized by the Bruce Lee Club. It must be the best present of all watch collectors.

For the design style, the main tone of Bruce Lee Series is in black colour. Also, the watch case and tourbillon movement are coated with black PVD. With center rotating of the tourbillon above the black ceramic dial, the momentum expresses the beauty of tourbillon. For using black ceramic dial, the beauty of the tourbillon will not be distracted. Especially, the hour and minute hands are designed as “Nunchaku” alike that add an extra playful phase for the tourbillon watch.

Technical details
Model: Bruce Lee Club Series
Model No. : MO1127

The Bruce Lee Club
Bruce Lee Club was established in July 2000, ex-Bruce Lee Club (H.K.) Chairman W Wong rebuilt the new organization. Based in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee Club aims to organize various activities and events through website, and to bring all members from all over the world together to memorize Bruce Lee. To interact with all the fans of Bruce Lee, the club strives to promote Bruce Lee’s martial arts, philosophy and art movies.

“Star of the Century” Bruce Lee Statue
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), the founder of Jeet Kune Do, in a short live time of 32 years, has created a revolutionary influence on the world martial arts legacy. Bruce Lee was not only a “super actor”, an incredible martial artist, but he was also a true human being that was “honestly expressing himself”, either in philosophical way or in physical way.

Therefore, the world-renowned Kung Fu icon was conferred “Star of the Century Award” by HK Film Awards Association in March, 2005. A 2-metre tall bronze statue of Lee is made to commemorate this special event.

The idea of erecting a Bruce Lee statue is in fact came from Bruce Lee Club, in order to transform the collective memory of Hong Kong people towards Bruce Lee into valuable and intangible assets of local tourism industry. The statue, its design based on on-line voting by Bruce Lee fans around the world, will be erected on the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong on the 27th Nov, 2005; that is the 65th Birthday of Bruce.

The statue is carved by Prof. Cao Chong-en, the most famous sculptor from mainland China. Besides, Mr. Shannon Ma, the established 3D animator and Mr. Yuen Tai-yung, the Hong Kong famous cartoonist, are appointed as the graphic advisor of the works. The international renowned sinologist, Prof. Rao Zong-yi, has also presented his distinguished Chinese calligraphy on Bruce Lee Statue.

MONTROUGE is the subsidiary brand of luxury brand Memorigin, which mainly concentrates on R&D of precision technology, and crossover with celebrity, arts and cultural community for design project. MONTROUGE launches high collection value tourbillon watches which manufacture with precious materials, to satisfy watch lovers’ unique requirement.

The original meaning of MONTROUGE is ’the “C” shaped dragon’, which is the most representative item of Hongshan jades. After research the “C” shaped dragon was proved by archaeologist, it was the first image of the dragon in China, and so MONTROUGE takes the “C” shaped dragon as its trademark design’s blueprint. MONTROUGE also means “The Red Mountain”, which in honor of the Hongshan culture and the French archaeologist Pierre Tilhard and E. Licenth whom discovered Hongshan culture.

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