DeLaneau Tourbillon Collection (2012) – Tourbillon Dôme Full Moon, Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night, Tourbillon Dôme Red Stars, Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas, Tourbillon Dôme Parrots, Tourbillon Dôme Feline & Tourbillon Dôme Guardian

A decade ago, DeLaneau decided to break entirely new horological ground by making the first ever tourbillon wristwatch designed specifically for women. Working with the legendary creator of haute horlogerie complications, Christophe Claret, DeLaneau devised and created a small series of hand-wound, tourbillon watches with cases and dials enhanced by the delicate gem setting and enameling techniques for which the brand has become renowned.

Launched in 2012, to mark the 10th anniversary of that first women’s tourbillon wristwatch, this new tourbillon line offers truly remarkable and exceptional collection of seven one-off creations based around its celebrated, rectangular-cased Dôme model.

Tourbillon Dôme Feline

Each unique piece in some way celebrates nature – and the skills of DeLaneau’s master enamellers, engravers and gem setters. The two models Tourbillon Dôme Full Moon and Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night (which have cases set with either diamonds or sapphires) depict the rich indigo of a star-studded night sky in a combination of exquisite Grand Feu enamel with gold and silver paillons for the moon and stars; the”Tourbillon Dôme Red Stars” version, meanwhile, features a beautifully engraved sunray pattern enhanced with stars formed from 11 rubies.

Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night

Two other models show different pairs of birds, their exotic plumage brilliantly captured in multiple layers of Grand Feu enamel and complemented by a case set with diamonds and pink sapphires (in Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas version) or diamonds and emeralds (Tourbillon Dôme Parrots).

Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas

The two remaining designs evoke the majesty of the jungle, with miniatures which respectively depict a hunting leopard and a resting panther. Again, both images are meticulously painted in Grand Feu enamel and enhanced with gem setting of the highest level. The Tourbillon Dôme Feline (leopard) model has a red gold case set with 39 chocolate baguette diamonds and 224 diamonds plus a chocolate diamond set into the crown.

The Tourbillon Dôme Guardian (panther), meanwhile, features a white gold case set with 39 black diamonds and 224 diamonds plus a black diamond set into the crown.

Tourbillon Dôme Guardian

As well as being truly remarkable works of art, these tourbillon editions also represent an exceptional horological achievement because they are the first watches ever to feature movement plates which are set with precious stones.

Each plate is adorned with 80 stones, comprising a combination of baguette diamonds with either further diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. The setting of each plate takes many hours and requires the use of only the finest and most accurately cut stones, all of which must be of a uniform shape in order to fit perfectly into the mechanism of the watch and ensure its mechanical integrity.

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