F.P.Journe Souveraine Chronomètre Optimum

The new masterpiece of the Souveraine collection, the Chronomètre Optimum, joins the iconic timepieces of F.P.Journe Haute Horlogerie.

The Chronomètre Optimum symbolises the very essence of precision for a wristwatch that incorporates the finest components in the history of watchmaking.

– The double barrel with its two springs ensures the stability of the driving force of this emblematic movement made of 18ct rose Gold, a specificity of the brand.

– The constant-force remontoire (patent EP1528443.A1) balances the driving force applied to the escapement to make it constant. By adding an extra gear representing an independent system wound in short spurts by the mainspring, the escapement ensures the balance’s isochronism. This remontoire, made of titanium for the first time, maintains its balance in different positions, for greater efficiency.

– The EBHP High-Performance Bi-axial Escapement has also been patented (patent EP11405210.3). This two-wheel direct impulse escapement functions without oil and is the only direct impulse escapement to start up on its own. But not only does it function without lubricant, it also has far greater output than the majority of escapements: 50 hours without loss of amplitude. Many dual-wheel escapements have been created in the past, the most efficient being the “natural” escapement invented by A-L. Breguet (†1823).

– The balance with a spiral with Phillips curve guarantees better equilibrium.

The Chronomètre Optimum encompasses a majority of exceptional components brought together for the first time in one watch: two barrels in parallel, the constant-force remontoire, the new EBHP revolutionary escapement, and the natural dead beat second. The extraordinary technical expertise put into the watch, contributes to its fundamental quality, that of giving the time … with almost complete precision.

The aesthetics of the hour, minute and small second displays and of the 70-hour power reserve are in perfect harmony with the visible wheel of the constant-force remontoir on the face of the dial. The back of the 18ct rose Gold movement reveals, through the sapphire back, a surprising natural dead beat second defined by a seconds circle screwed onto the movement’s bridges.

The Chronomètre Optimum comes with a 40 or 42 mm Platinum or 18ct red Gold case, with a white Gold or red Gold dial, on a leather strap, Platinum or 18ct red Gold bracelet.

Technical details

Calibre 1510
Manuel winding
18K rose Gold

Dimensions of the Movement
Overall diameter: 34.40 mm
Casing-up diameter: 33.60 mm
Overall height: 3.75 mm
Height of winding stem: 2.395 mm
Diameter of stem thread: S1.20 mm

Chronometric balance with inertia weight
High Performance Bi-Axial escapement adjusted in 6 positions
Hair spring with Phillips curve
Mobile stud holder
Free sprung
Pinned GE stud
Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz)
Inertia:10.10 mg x cm2
Angle of lift :58°

Amplitude :
0h dial up :  260°
24h dial up :  280°

Main characteristics
1 second remontoire at 11h, very light in Titanium and balanced
Natural dead beat second on the back of the movement
2 mainspring barrels in parallel
2 position crown
Time adjustment in position 2
High performance Bi-axial escapement with arbor and wheels in Titanium, functioning without oil, (inspired by that of A.L.Breguet created in the XVIII Century)
Off centre hours and minutes
Small second at 9h00
Power reserve at 6h00

Power reserve: 70 hours

Circular graining on baseplate
Geneva waves on bridges
Polished screw heads with chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends

Platinum or 18K red Gold
Diameter: 40 or 42 mm
Total height: 10.10 mm
Dial: Gold and Silver guilloché clous de Paris

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