Eberhard & Co. “Gilda in the Garden of Eden” Watch for “Les Pommes du Jardin d’Eden” Project

The “Les Pommes du Jardin d’Eden” project, through which “Les Amis Suisses de l’Université de Haifa” charity organization raises funds for breast cancer research carried by Dr Dalit Barkan, supported by Haifa University, is back for the third year running.

The event,conducted on September 11th at Kempinski Hotel in Geneva, involved several luxury brands, and presented original creations linked to the concept of the “apple”. The theme has been subject to personal reinterpretation via a unique creation which represents the brand’s world.

Inspired by the theme and always sensitive to the needs of scientific research, Eberhard & Co. has chosen the ladies timepiece Gilda to express its very own and special apple.

Eberhard “Gilda in the Garden of Eden” Watch for “Les Pommes du Jardin d’Eden” Project

The Swiss Maison has placed the object of desire, cosmic symbol and fruit of temptation at the same time, on a white crocodile leather strap, elegantly wound up in the coils of a white gold snake which, moving sinuously around the wrist, bites the precious apple: made of rose gold, set with rubies and enamelled leaves.

The result is “Gilda in the Garden of Eden”, a unique piece with a charm of its own, entire delicate and attractive twinkle which met the interest of the guest and has been auctioned for € 5000.

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