Neuhaus Janus DoubleSpeed Silver Limited Edition

Just before the MUNICHTIME show (2-4 November, 2012), German watch brand Neuhaus presents a new version of their extraordinary Janus DoubleSpeed mono-hand watch with a silver dial. Of course, the new dial is not simply a silver plate with black numerals printed on it: The new player on the watch market has once more applied the Janus principle in a way similar to the black predecessor model. While its brightness remains unseen during the day, it completely unfolds at night time where it is needed. This amazing dual nature of the watch resembles Janus, the two-faced Roman God.

To achieve this, separate pockets for each numeral are cut with highest precision into the light silver dial and are then filled with light Super-LumiNova. Afterwards, the numerals are printed in black right on the luminous paint. This technique results in a design where you see just the black numerals while the light paint remains hardly noticeable in daytime. At night, however, the dial and the numerals stay dark, while the brightly glowing numeral outlines become visible.

Mono-hand watches come without the minute hand; there is just an hour hand. The hour hand of the Janus DoubleSpeed moves at double speed, that is, it goes round the complete dial within just six hours. The dial displays an innovative 6-hour scale with double-sized segments, with each mark representing two times 6 hours apart. This results in a degree of readability unprecedented among mono-hand watches.

Even without the second hand, you know at a glance that the watch is running: Through three small cutouts in the dial, you can see a rotating disc featuring black and white sectors. Plus the innovative night-vision design becomes visible just when you need it—in the dark. The Janus DoubleSpeed is driven by a classic hand-winding movement that is visible through the glass bottom. That movement has been converted to double speed with outstanding watchmaking expertise. Only 99 silver-dial items will be available worldwide.

Technical details
– Dial with precisely cut numeral pockets
– Pockets filled with Super-LumiNova, with black numerals printed on them
– Recognizable application of the Janus principle:
– Night view with intensely glowing outline numerals and indexes
– Day view with hardly noticeable Super-LumiNova on a light background
– With Milanese bracelet or a wrist strap made of finest brown alligator skin

Janus DoubleSpeed:
– Hour hand runs at double speed
– Double-size scale
– Unprecedented time readability
– Innovative night-vision solution
– Converted classic hand-winding movement
– Glass bottom
– Limited to 99 pieces worldwide
– Available at the Neuhaus web store only

Price: 2,490.00 Euro

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