ARCHIMEDE Pilot OR 2 – Limited Edition

Introduced in 2008, first limited edition of the ARCHIMEDE Pilot OR was sold quickly. Now the German watch brand ARCHIMEDE offers a second edition, limited to just 100 pieces, the Pilot OR 2 – Limited edition. This traditional Fliegeruhr uses the same historic hand-wound movement as the first edition: the JH687 manufactured in 1960 by Junghans in Schramberg, Germany.

ARCHIMEDE  has completely restored these beautiful movements dismantling them piece by piece; then cleaning, lubricating them, and renewing parts where necessary as they were reassembled and finally regulating them. However as a historic timepiece, you must not expect the accuracy achieved by today’s modern movements.

Technical details
– New 3 piece Ickler case with brushed surface
– New Pilot’s crown with logo
– Case back with 5 single screws
– Flat sapphire with A/R coating on both sides
– Option for a curved sapphire crystal with A/R coating on both sides
– Blued steel hands, manufactured by Ickler
– Superluminova C3

The leather straps are available in black, light brown, dark brown and now, in middle brown. We can also supply a steel bracelet. The limited edition ARCHIMEDE Pilot OR 2 is available direct from ARCHIMEDE for – International customers for Eur 740 (leather strap) and Eur 860 (steel bracelet), plus shipping costs and for US customers for US$ 1080 (leather strap) and US$ 1250 (steel bracelet), including shipping and US duties.

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