Cyrus Klepcys Mars Collection

The Klepcys Mars Collection by CYRUS is very exclusive timepiece with a strong identity and innovative ways of displaying time, date and the MARS complication.

This watch pays tribute to two important milestones in the history of Human civilisation. First was the conquest of Cyrus. In 539 BC Babylon the Great falls at the feet of Cyrus. Upon crossing the legendary city walls and after seeing the Ziggurat (a 91- metre high tower in the heart of Babylon, which back then was considered as the gateway between Heaven and Earth), Cyrus pointed his finger towards the MARS and expressed his desire to conquer the red planet.

The second milestone was NASA’s first ever encounter with MARS planet. In July 1976, Some 2,500 years later, the Viking 1 probe by NASA was sent around the red planet to take a series of pictures in order to find a good landing site for Viking 2.

CYRUS Klepcys Mars Red, Reference 539.101.B: Titanium Case, Red Dial, Titanium Bezel & Crowns
CYRUS Klepcys Mars Red, Reference 539.101.B: Titanium Case, Red Dial, Titanium Bezel & Crowns

To celebrate these landmarks in the history, in March 2012, Julien and Laurent Lecamp (the 2 double cousins, founders of the CYRUS brand), in collaboration with the famous watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, captured the face of Mars and decided to produce two limited editions of 33 timepieces. The Red Planet inside these CYRUS watches rotates at the same speed as it does in the universe that is every 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds.

An imposing case with a diameter of 48mm (including the crowns) boasts four walls in the shape of horns with high quality finish, and encompasses the main watch mechanism. The slanting lugs for a black crocodile leather strap fit the wrist perfectly.

CYRUS Klepcys Mars Black, Reference 539.102.B: DLC Case, Black Dial, DLC Bezel & Crowns
CYRUS Klepcys Mars Black, Reference 539.102.B: DLC Case, Black Dial, DLC Bezel & Crowns

The visible screws remind one of the three-part Cyrus brand logo. The retrograde hand moves along the 180°axis and changes colour (while rotating across the 180 degrees) depending on the time of day (day or night). Regardless of the hand’s position, minutes and seconds discs are always aligned and accurate during the linear reading of time.

This patented alignment is based on a one-of-a-kind mechanism which controls the speed of the (retrograde and rotating) hours, minutes, and seconds wheels. As far as the date display is concerned the units digits (from 0 to 9) rest one on top of the other, while the tens digits change before the units digits.

Once the tens digit reaches the figure 9, the figure moves in retrograde manner and rotates by 90 degrees. It simultaneously makes the away for the space for the next tens digit which is placed before the units digit 0. Finally, the tribute to the famous Tower of Babel, “which towered to the heavens”, takes the form of a full moon with realistic crater images which links the watch to the sky.

Klepcys Mars Black

The lunar phases are represented by a black patch which gradually covers the full moon. When the moon is fully covered, the three section Cyrus brand logo becomes visible. Time eventually conquers the waning moon.

Technical details

Collection: KLEPCYS MARS
Models: Mars Black & Mars Red
Limited edition: 33 timepieces

Diameter: 48mm (crowns included), Patented design
Reference 539.102.B: Black DLC-coated titanium (Bezel in brushed black DLC-coated titanium, Case in polished black DLC-coated titanium, Lugs in brushed black DLC-coated titanium, Lug flanks in polished black DLC-coated titanium and crowns in Titanium
Reference 539.101.B: Titanium (Bezel in brushed titanium, Case in polished titanium, Lugs in brushed titanium, Lug flanks in polished titanium and crowns in Titanium)

Sapphire: Anti reflective sapphire glass perfectly matching the volume of the case. Dome protecting the Mars Lander.1 piece of a sapphire only (including the DOME).
Waterproof: 30 metres

Crown at 3 o’clock to set the date – with Cyrus logo on the outside
at 9 o’clock to set the time “keep the secret” – with Cyrus logo on the
outside – a lateral movement reveals the limited series number.
Position 0 of the crown: Manual winding (automatic movement)
Position 1 of the crown: Setting the time (in both directions)
Fully wound: 30 turns of the winding stem

Manufactured, automatic CYR599, 366 components, 28,800 vibrations/h, 4Hz
Power reserve: > 40 hours
Number of components: 366
Number of jewels: 38
Lift angle: 52°

Time function: Three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism. Display of hours, minutes and seconds on a movable axis, with a day/night indication. Precise control of the height of the retrograde hour hand with a ruby bearing
Calendar: Large date, three-dimensional retrograde tens, pivoting. Precise control of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing.
Mars Complcation: Three-dimensional sphere, 7.6mm in diameter. The rotation of Mars is at the same speed as in the universe: 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds

Red dial with “Face of Mars” reproduction
Engraved “face of Mars” -handmade (inspired by original picture of the “face” taken by the VIKING 1probe in 1976 by the NASA)
Rotor: Ceramic non-lubricated ball bearings

Back of the case
18mm diameter medallion in 18K red gold on the back of the timepiece –engraved by hand. Inspired by the story of Cyrus The Great (2’500 years ago), this medallion depicts Cyrus on a winged horse setting off to conquer the planet Mars
The original stater coin is owned by CYRUS

Other special features
High inertia balance for greater adjustment stability
Springs sized using FEM (Finite Element Method)
Gears with optimised teeth (reduced play)
Stainless steel construction for better corrosion resistance
Special CYRUS screws

Watch strap
Rubber with 3D pyramids (reproducing the Martian landscape around the “face of Mars”. The pyramids –taken into pictures by the Viking 1 probe in 1976 -are the proof that a civilization was living on the red planet). Red stitching
Replacement strap: Crocodile, hand-sewn, black, tone on tone stitching
Clasp: Triple folding clasp. Design inspired by the shape of the case.
CYRUS logo on the cap

Anodized aluminium sphere with a Swiss Kubik motor in the centre for winding the timepiece

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