HANHART ClassicTimer Dashboards

The mechanical stopwatches and instrument watches for dashboards produced in the Hanhart factory in Gütenbach, Germany, are popular collector’s pieces and highly valued accessories for vintage car rally drivers. In 2011, Hanhart introduced the first two-piece set for ClassicTimer car dashboards in an elegant black design.

The name of the independent Swiss-German watch brand Hanhart is a synonym for high precision and 100 per cent reliable stopwatches and chronographs for use in the air, on the land and on the sea.

HANHART ClassicTimer Dashboards

Today, thanks to its high level of expertise, as well as the precision and first-class functionality of its products, Hanhart has become the most important market-leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic timekeeping instruments.

High-quality mechanical stopwatches and instrument watches for dashboards, made over several production stages in Hanhart’s factory, and named the ClassicTimer collection; represent a significant product segment for the brand.

Used in the past for all the important sporting events and motor races, today they are most popular among ambitious vintage car rally drivers. The watches can be used in any combination, and can easily be mounted onto the dashboard with a specially made panel. They can be fitted onto and removed from the dashboard in a simple process thanks to an innovative “slide-in” method.

HANHART ClassicTimer Dashboards

In 2011, Hanhart introduced a day timer with a classic design that pays homage to the distinctive Hanhart pocket watches, as well as a split-seconds addition timer with flyback function in elegant black chrome-plated brass, with a matching mounting panel for the dashboard.

The discreet matte surface of the panel, punctuated by polished cases, edges and details, offer an exciting contrast to the red reset button on the stopwatch – Hanhart’s trademark. The same red colouring is used for the drag indicator, ensuring that this remains very visible against the jet-black dial and easily distinguishable from the white seconds hand.

The stopwatch contains a mechanical Hanhart manufacture movement with a Swiss anchor escapement and a shock-resistant balance wheel, the day timer contains a Unitas hand-wound movement.

Technical details

Hanhart ClassicTimer Split-seconds addition timer with flyback function

Movement: Mechanical manufacture movement; anchor escapement; 9 jewels
Functions: Split-seconds addition timer, flyback function, 1/5-second timing, 30-minute counter
Case: Black chrome-plated brass, polished; convenience buttons, red reset button; mineral glass; diameter 55 mm; splash-proof
Dial: Black

Hanhart ClassicTimer “Board Time” day timer

Movement: Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement; anchor escapement; 17 jewels
Functions: Hours/minutes, small seconds
Case: Black chrome-plated brass, polished; mineral glass; diameter 55 mm; splashproof
Dial: Black