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Based in Germany, Jörg Schauer has been creating exclusive mechanical timepieces since 1990. At the age of 22 he set himself the goal to manufacture premium watches which combine technical challenging solutions with a striking design.

This main goal has been successfully accomplished by producing unique watches for well-known clients, preferred in gold or platinum. Soon there were self-created models in the Jörg Schauer line – and within short time SCHAUER watches became a worldwide player with a good record of sales.

In 1995 Jörg Schauer decided to create a distinctive collection which leaded to the brand “Jörg Schauer”. Design, prototype production, movement modifications and refinements, case production as well as dial finishing and printing – all is made by Jörg Schauer and his above-average qualified staff themselves. Jörg Schauer manufactures maximum 500 watches per year under the same named label. The limitation is also a validation for every watch enthusiast to wear a very unique and exclusive watch.

“We owe all progress to those who do not adapt”- this maxim is not only applicable for Jörg Schauer´s watches rather than on his method of operating and work environment that clearly reflects his inner conviction. Rather seldom you will find watches in the business which have as much clarity and originality, consequent design and perfect shaped/finished cases.

Jörg Schauer is a „stickler to details“, which gives him the opportunity to avoid compromises as well as to follow short-life fashion trends. Jörg Schauer watches are a timeless statement, a brand which will definitely not show „wear marks “within the next 20 years.

His career is incomparable in the wristwatch business. In 1996, he took-over the STOWA brand, which was founded in 1927 by Walter Storz. As an iconic German traditional brand, STOWA remains as one of the few watch-manufacturers who can look back on a continuous production history until today.

Within a very short time-period Jörg Schauer achieved to create an independent STOWA line, which leans on the quality philosophy of SCHAUER watches. Due to the much less expensive serial production of STOWA watches, but with extremely suitable cases for daily use, STOWA can offer their watches to a very reasonable price.

Contact details

Jörg Schauer
Gewerbepark 16
D-75331 Engelsbrand
Phone: +49 (0) 70 82 / 9 30 60

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