Girard-Perregaux Opera Two

The Opera Two model from the Girard-Perregaux Opera series was introduced in 2001.

The Girard-Perregaux Opera watch two combines three of the most distinguished and complex complications: the minute repeater, perpetual calendar and Tourbillon. It also offers the minute repeater function chimes with a “Westminster” carillon consisting of the use of four different gongs.

Girard-Perregaux Opera Two watch

The cut out dial displays three of the four chime hammers, with the fourth only visible when the chime is active. The extraordinary complexity of the mechanical manual winding movement can be admired through the case’s transparent back. The mechanism has a power reserve exceeding 75 hours.

Girard-Perregaux Opera Two gold watch

This extra-ordinary watch is an evolution of Girard-Perregaux Opera One, which incorporates a minute repeater with the “Westminster” chimes (mi-do-re-sol) and tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges. In the Opera two watch, the Manufacture has added the perpetual calendar function.

The Girard-Perregaux Opera Two watch is available in gold and platinum versions. It has a case diameter of 42mm.

Technical details

Model: Girard-Perregaux Opera Two [Westminster” chime minute repeater, perpetual calendar and Tourbillon under three gold Bridges]

Girard-Perregaux GP 9897 manual winding movement
12” gauge
Frequency 21,600 beats/h (3 Hz)
37 jewels
Power reserve min. 80 hours

Gold or Platinum
Case diameter: 42.00 mm
Case height: 14.54 mm
Sapphire crystals, domed above, flat below
Sapphire crystal bottom closed by 6 screws

Alligator leather strap
Strap dimensions: 20/16 mm