Gergé Swiss Timepieces – Metropolis Types-M1 and M2

Neuchâtel-based brand Gergé Swiss Timepieces presents two automatic models in its Metropolis collection: Type-M1, an original three-hand day/date timepiece with automatic winding and Type-M2, a chronograph with 3 counters and date.

Taking its inspiration from the epithet applied to La Chaux-deFonds, officially known as the sacred watchmaking metropolis since its inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2009, the Metropolis collection is also a nod of recognition to Fritz Lang’s famous 1927 cult film.

The powerful image that will forever be etched in our collective subconscious is that of aerial bridges hovering, in perfect rectilinear array, above a futuristic megalopolis, connecting two banks of an urban sea. The inspiration for this range of timepieces, from the horns and bezels right down to the rigid louvred discipline of its Côte de Genève decor, is intentionally urban in flavour.

Gergé Swiss Timepieces - Metropolis Types-M1 and M2

Contemporary Vision, the base-line of the Gergé Swiss Timepieces brand, accentuates an architectural DNA that is resolutely contemporary in its celebration of the timelessly classic.

C.O.S.C.-certified (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute), these two time-telling instruments tread a fine line of balance, celebrating an immutable aesthetic, impervious to the shallow temptations of follow-my-leader, flavour-of-the-month trends.

Gergé Swiss Timepieces - Metropolis Types-M1 and M2

In a design of hitherto-unseen complexities under a guise of simplicity, the watch case explores a magical mix of nested functionalities and cleverly combined materials. A staunch guardian of age-old traditions and values born in the land describing the Jurassian arc from the mountainous peaks through the never-ending valleys to the banks of Lake Neuchâtel.

Gergé Swiss Timepieces - Metropolis Types-M1 and M2
Both these models boast an ETA 7750 calibre, renowned for its tireless, wear-resistant bearings and its regular-as clockwork power supply. In the M1, the legendary movement sports only one counter, home to the small seconds positioned, unusually, at 9 o’clock, to the greater benefit of the apertures set aside for day and date.

In the case of the M2, the necessary move towards watchmaking motorisation has ensured that the three counters traditionally used to calculate time intervals and reset to zero at the touch of a push-piece, are preserved intact.

Technical details

Model: Metropolis automatic Type-M1, Gergé Swiss Timepieces, Type-M Series
C.O.S.C.-certified, Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute

Ultra-complex case, water-resistant to 100 m
45 mm diameter
Steel or Steel and ceramic
Possibility of gem-setting to bezel
Polished-brushed variations
Crystals: Sapphire; Anti-reflective

Guilloché Côte de Genève, Anthracite or Rhodium
Hours & Minutes, polished hands with superluminova coating
Polished small seconds
Indexes: 9 Arabic numeral appliqués with luminescent inserts (superluminova)

Alligator skin

Base ETA 7750 Calibre with automatic winding, base 7750 with small seconds counter, unusually, at 9 o’clock
Power reserve of 46 hours, comes with C.O.S.C. certificate (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute)

Limited edition of 288 individually numbered pieces

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