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Leinfelder Meridian Chronograph

The Leinfelder Meridian Chronograph combines a sporty design with elegant highlights, and handcrafted precision work with a technically high-end caliber. The mechanical chronograph engine is flat, and the watch case is only 12.5 millimeters high.

A scratch resistant, slightly domed sapphire glass protects another highlight of the Meridian Chronograph: the sun-brushed dial. The dial is cut from the inside to the outside so that every time a flicker of the hand moves the watch, it reflects the light which moves around in circles.

The long, curved pushers for the stopwatch mechanism were first incorporated into a Leinfelder watch for the Leinfelder Meridian Antigua 2010.

They allow for easy, practical handling while also protecting the newly-designed screw-in crown. The unique design of the large pushers makes them smooth-running and gives them a rich sound which their owners can get quite enthusiastic about.

Technical details

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