SLYDE BY HD3 is a new concept of time designed by Swiss designer Jorg Hysek. This new creation is a perfect fusion between the latest design trends and cutting-edge electronic technology.

After a string of hugely successful complicated timepieces – notably Black Pearl, designed by his close associate Fabrice Gonet, and now a collector’s item – the founder of the independent HD3 brand continues to stand out from the world of traditional watchmaking.

Sylde has already caused quite a stir among high-end watch enthusiasts. The presentation of the concept in Geneva in January 2011, initially intended for the press only, sparked a massive buzz that went viral on all specialised watch sites and blogs. Thanks to the resulting flood of new contacts, HD3 already signed several distribution contracts even before the official launch of the model at Baselworld 2011.

Classic, sporting chic, underground, featuring a tourbillon or a customised movement: SLYDE unites all styles and types of watchmaking complications within a single, ultra refined case, emblematic of HD3’s avant-garde approach. SLYDE is a luxurious, sophisticated object – complete with avant-garde technology taken from the worlds of home automation and multimedia – that makes it startlingly easy to surf through the world of prestige watchmaking.

The HD3 workshops, tucked away in the village of Luins in the vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva, offer a perfect setting for creativity. It is here, for over five years now, that Jorg Hysek and his team have been creating audacious timepieces that blend mechanical complexity and modern aesthetics. Two years ago, the crisis affecting the watch sector incited Jorg Hysek to call his company-model into question, and seek solutions to the global problems of supply and production in watchmaking techniques. No small task.

At the end of 2009, the supplier of movements to HD3 went bankrupt, inciting Jorg to adopt a totally new approach. He returned to a sketch from Christmas 2008, featuring a square case with a screen that modulates according to the time and the user’s needs and wishes. Eighteen months later, SLYDE was born.

SLYDE takes the underlying principle of the smartphone – the possibility to change applications by merely sliding a finger over a tactile screen – and adapts it to the world of 21st century watchmaking.

Jorg Hysek was inspired by the automobile world (‘which influences our entire aesthetic approach’) in crafting the watch’s streamlined appearance. He came up with a de luxe timepiece perfect for modern, aesthetic, instantaneous time-reading.

The refined, no-frills square case has a tactile screen that moves vertically and horizontally. This revolutionary display means that, by simply sliding across the watch screen, the user can generate an unlimited variety of timepieces on the wrist – corresponding to any event, desire, or particular moment. Creating a range of ‘different’ watches within a single timepiece is made possible thanks to a range of top-quality virtual modules.

SLYDE covers all forms of Time:

  • The Past, by inserting modules like the automatic count-down from private events, and the chance to personalize the watch by inserting photographs
  • The Present, with the immediate creation of watch interfaces providing aesthetic, made-to-measure time-reading
  • The Future, with an automatic countdown to future events as per the user’s requirements

SLYDE is a veritable Swiss-made luxury watch, placing all the technological savoir-faire developed for its conception at the service of universal Time. There are no telephone applications, games, or other accessories among the customized modules.

Each year, in cooperation with leading watchmakers, HD3 will develop new virtual mechanical movements that will be downloadable in limited series. This project represents a fine opportunity for them to forget about physical contingencies and to give free rein to their most ambitious ideas.

SLYDE watches are available with cases in black or grey titanium or in pink gold. Straps are in leather, printed alligator or rubber. Every component of a SLYDE watch, complete with sapphire glass and water-resistant to a depth of 30m, derives from luxury watchmaking.

To make the most of this new-style watch, the owner can connect to Internet to recharge and download, enjoying personal access to customized modules. All the technology used by SLYDE is internationally patented. SLYDE is intended for demanding individuals who are passionate about Time and its attendant. With such collectors in mind, HD3 will continue to develop avant-garde concept watches giving pride of place to creativity and also including mechanical modules.

For the first time, a watch adopts the basic principles of intuitive technology and sublimates them into the 21st century world of high-end watchmaking. As a real technological feat, the Slyde features a touch screen, a cutting-edge graphic engine and a navigation system of unequalled simplicity and convenience.

The revolutionary display, equipped with a touch screen, enables the user to generate an infinite variety of timepieces on his wrist. This range of multiple watches in one has been made possible by creating top-quality virtual modules. Furthermore the three-dimensional animation of the movements is governed by a micro-controller that screens between 30 and 60 images a second for a stunningly realistic real-time display.

Slyde’s patented bi-axial navigation system shows every form of time:
On the vertical axis, present time offers a variety of watch interfaces for a customized indication of the current time. By tapping or sliding a finger on the screen the wearer selects a display from the range of modules, scrolling from an animated virtual mechanism in 3D to a digital movement that can be entirely configured to personal preferences. Each movement displays seven functions: the time, the date, timezones, a calendar, the moonphase, a chronograph and a countdown timer.

On the horizontal axis, past and future time can be fully personalized by activating the time elapsed since an occasion or the countdown of time remaining until an event, that can be illustrated by inserting photos or videos.

All the technologies applied in Slyde are protected by international patents.

Its sleek and modern styling for a classic look in smart leisure wear is typical of HD3’s futuristic outlook. The Slyde watch was made according to the traditional standards of top-grade Swiss watchmaking and is labeled “Swiss Made”.

The sapphire crystal is both curved and touch-sensitive. The technical challenge of this innovation required intense and sustained research and development. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and is made with the most hardwearing luxury materials.

The Slyde comes in seven models in steel or titanium with different finishes such as a black PVD coating, gem-set or pink-gold lugs. They are available on a black leather strap with an alligator pattern or a band in black rubber.

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