CACHEUX is a French – Swiss luxury watch brand founded by Fabien Cacheux.

The story started in March 2010 when Fabien Cacheux presented in the national press his first timepiece drawing: the ‘Galibier GT’.

This drawing was published through the web sites and blogs of French watchmakers and was quickly taken up by numerous other websites internationally, most notably in Brazil, Russia, Great Britain or the USA.

Following this success, Fabien Cacheux developed others projects such as the ‘Silver Arrow’ or ‘The Beast’. The popularity of these horology designs and the support from journalists and potential clients led to the creation of luxury watch brand named CACHEUX.

Fabien Cacheux established his company CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie in early 2010. The company Cacheux Haute Horlogerie is based in Laval (France) where the pieces are designed.

The technical design and planning is carried out by a design office near Besançon (France). Each Cacheux Timepieces is built and finished in Switzerland. Clients expect the label ‘Swiss Made’ on a product of this quality, and the entire manufacturing and assembly process allows the pieces to bear this title.

CACHEUX Elephant Tourbillon

CACHEUX Elephant Tourbillon

The watches are produced and assembled by several workshops in Switzerland, each noted for it’s own specialism. The movements are made and mounted in the cases of the pieces by a Swiss watchmaker, who carry out the finishing, as all of the manufacturing and assembly is carried out in Switzerland all of the watches can carry the sought after label ‘Swiss Made’. Today, CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie creates one collection annually, with twenty pieces in each collection.

Fabien Cacheux – Biography

Throughout his childhood Fabien Cacheux drew watches in the margins of his exercise books, until his design studies later in life allowed him to deepen his explorations into the world of the watchmaker.

Cacheux qualified as a designer at the head of his cohort in 1998, and steered himself towards the design of luxury goods, notably eye-wear and, clearly, luxury watches. He was at the centre of one of France’s leading sunglasses and frame manufacturers and played a role in the design of Tag-Heuer Sport-Vision frames, and he worked at the same level with l’Oréal and the jewellery maker Fred.

He has a devoted admiration for beautiful objects; designed and created with infinite care, but above all the objects which have a soul; luxury watch-making fascinated him with its exceptional beauty, down to the most minute detail, and the ‘savoir-faire’ of its world.

In 2010 he designed the concept watch Galibier GT which he decided to publish in watch-making and design blogs, the subsequent explosion of international publicity for the watch created real fireworks, and CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie was born.

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