JS Watch co. Frisland God – Hand Engraved Special Edition

Iceland based mechanical watch brand JS Watch co. Reykjavík presents a hand engraved special edition timepiece from their Frisland God line. This model is inspired by the artistry and skill of Icelandic carvers in past times.

The watch is basically the Frisland God which displays a splendid face, made of ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption, in a 42 mm diameter steel case with hand-engraved ancient-style motif.

On the side of the watch one can see the word ÍSLAND (ICELAND) written in “Höfðaletur” (Head Letters) which is an unusual Icelandic font mainly used to adorn items made of wood, horn and, later on, metals. “Höfðaletur” brings with it real elegance as well as mystery. In earlier times this type of letters was rather hard to read and for that reason chosen to keep secrets. Items adorned with “Höfðaletur” were those people cherished. The watch is only available by custom order and it will be possible for those interested to have the original “Höfðaletur”-text changed Into something personal like the name of the buyer for instance.

Technical details
Mechanical “Execution Top”
Automatic winding.
25 jewels, Custom decorations, Blue screws and Rhodium plated finish.
38-hour power reserve when fully wound.
Fine tuning “Assortment Chronometer”.
Shock protection Incabloc

Material: Surgical grade German Stainless Steel “316L”
Diameter: 42mm, height 12mm.
Surface finish: Hand Engraved ancient-style motif.
Curved Sapphire Crystal with multi anti reflective coating on the inside
See-through Sapphire Crystal back
Water-resistance 50 meters

Black dial made from volcanic ash with Arabic numerals and indexes
White material on numerals and hour markers
Date display at three o’clock and day display at nine o’clock
Hands: Rose Gold with white luminous and red second hand

Handmade 20mm Genuine Teju Lizard – or-
Alligator with JS Watch co. Reykjavik deployment clasp

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