Division Furtive Type 46 Limited Edition

Montreal, Canada based designer watch brand Division Furtive unveils its first timepiece: Type 46, a dual linear movement wrist watch, represents a completely new concept in watch making. This timepiece will be made in a limited edition of 46 pieces only. This unique timepiece concept and the young watch brand – Division Furtive is brought to you by Design Game Inc, a Canadian design company founded by Gabriel Ménard.

Division Furtive’s Type 46 watch uses a dual linear motion in which the traditional rotating hands are replaced by cursors moving horizontally. When Type 46 is in reading mode, in front of the user, at about 45° of land’s geometry standard, the cursors quickly move from zero to the actual time. At this moment, the upper cursor shows the hours and the lower cursor the minutes. After reading time, when the user puts his arm down, the cursors automatically return to the zero position.

Type 46 also features secondary functions such as Day, AM/PM Indication, Minutes (top cursor) and seconds (bottom cursor), Day of the week, Time zone, Phase of the moon, Chronometer, Battery life indicator and Progress until next maintenance indicator.

Type 46’s case is simple and features only one artifice: the “vault door”, that is an independent compartment which the user can open to change the battery. To access the secondary functions, the user needs to bring the watch into reading mode and lightly tap on the glass surface. The cursors will then move to guide the user with secondary scales.

This ultra modern timepiece breaks new ground with its use of mechatronics instead of traditional gears in its caliber. An accelerometer and a digital processor combined with stepper motors open a new world of possibilities. Whether it’s the Swiss made motors, the ruby bearings, the gold accents on the dial or the sterling silver pieces, each element inside the caliber is specifically manufactured for the Type 46 watch. In addition, with the greatest attention to details, this unique caliber is entirely hand-assembled.

Technical details

Model: Division Furtive Type 46
Specification: Dual linear movement wrist watch

Limited to 46 units

Primary Functions
Hours (top cursor) and minutes (bottom cursor)

Secondary Functions
• Day
• Minutes (top cursor) and seconds (bottom cursor)
• Day of the week
• Time zone
• Phase of the moon
• Chronometer
• Battery life indicator
• Progress until next maintenance

Caliber: 6 mm diameter Swiss made electric stepper motors with 25 mm long helicoidal link

Case and Dial
Sterling silver with black DLC( Diamond Like Carbon) finish
Diameter: 50 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
Dial: Gold plated mat black
Glass: Sapphire (front) and mineral (back)
Cursors: Golden with black stripe
Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer with glass tap detection

Misc Features
Battery: User-serviceable AAA/IEC FR03
Power reserve: 365 days*
Band: 24 mm large padded and sewed leather
Clasp: Stainless steel with black PVD finish
Recommended maintenance: 2 years
Warranty: 3 years.

* Note: All specifications are subject to change as the Division Furtive Type 46 watch is under pre-production stage right now.

About Gabriel Ménard, founder of Division Furtive brand

Gabriel Ménard graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelor degree in microelectronics and a Master’s degree in image processing. In 2003, he is awarded the first price in a design competition at the Audio Engineering Society in New York. This event gives him the opportunity at the very beginning of his career to work for Analog Devices in Boston where he designs integrated circuit chips. These chips are to become his very first mass-produced designs. At the same time, he is awarded his first patent.

In 2007, while working as a design consultant in the electronics industry, he starts up his own company, Design Game inc. This enables him to materialize many design studies. Since 2011, he is working full-time to create and market the Division Furtive brand. Its first product, the Type 46 dual linear movement wrist watch is now making waves in horology circles.

Official website: www.division-furtive.com

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