Cacheux Watches – CACHEUX 8 Limited Edition

Cacheux Haute Horlogerie, Laval (France) based Swiss luxury watch brand introduces a new limited edition timepiece: CACHEUX 8.

This limited edition Cacheux 8 haute horlogerie watch is available in a strict limited series with only 8 numbered timepieces. This high end mechanical timepiece pays tribute to the figure 8, the magical number. An18 carats white gold figure of 8 is centered on the dial.

The importance of the digit 8 can be found from the following specific features of the watch.

– 8 timepieces only all over the world
– 88 grams of white gold 18 carats
– 8 carats diamond
– Golden figure 8 in 18 carats in the center of the dial
– Symbol ” ba ” on the dial and on the crown
– 8 months of achievement

The model is available in 18 carats white/pink yellow gold or platinum 950 and each model is numbered. The mechanical manual winding movement of the timepiece can be viewed through sapphire case back.

The heart of Cacheux 8 houses a tourbillion complication, a real small marvel of high end watch-making. The tourbillion movement, visible at 6’ o clock possesses a power reserve more than 120 hours, exceptional duration in itself for a tourbillon which, here, is delivered by one and a single barrel, a unique technical exploit.

Mystery and magic figure, the figure 8 is above all a lucky charm in the life and in the business. In China, many different characters pronounce in the same way in some tones near. The figure 8 pronounces “ba” in mandarin that we can move closer to the sound “fa” in Cantonese which means “growing rich” or “prosperity”.

The figure eight is also a symbol of final balance, in Asia, it represents, 8 beams of the law Boudhique, 8 rules of the “Chou-King” way, 8 Ministers of the Chinese Empire, 8 petals of the lotus, 8 pillars of the sky, 8 cardinal points, etc.

Technical details

Model: Cacheux 8

18 carats white/pink yellow gold or platinum 950
Edition number engraved (1/8 to 8/8)
Personal message to be engraved
Crystals: 2 Clear anti-reflective sapphire glasses
Bracelet: Large choice of leather, satin and colour
Water resistance: 50 meters

Central 8 made from 18 carats white gold
8 carats diamond
Visible tourbillon at 6.00

Tourbillon movement
120-hour power reserve (5 days) on 1 barrel
21 600 vibrations per hour
Tourbillon : a revolution per minute
Mechanical movement
Manual winding
21 jewels
Visible movement trough the back

Total gold or platinum
750/1000 white/pink/yellow gold or platinum 950
Weight: 88g

Swiss made

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