MARCH LA.B AM3 Legionnaire Limited Edition for Colette

The Limited Edition “Legionnaire” finds inspiration in the legend of The Legion, which focuses on not only traditional military skills but also on strong “espirit de corps”. Established in 1831, this elite service wing has historically modified their field uniforms under the influence of climate and terrain extremes; adapting the tonal, olive drab, or “khaki” ensemble for close range battles during the mid twentieth century.

The Louisiana Alligator strap fitted onto this Limited Edition release uses the top-body, large scaled region of the reptilian hide, the most luxurious cut offered on the market. Long admired for its natural beauty and durability, alligator is one of the most valuable classic exotic leathers in the world, making it a uniquely American, quality product.

The word khaki, derived from the Hindustani meaning “dust or earth colored”, was first coined in British India when used to describe the British Army’s mid-19th century uniforms. As many Western militaries adopted an olive drab instead of the older, brownish khaki, the two color names became associated with each other. Today, in many languages, “khaki” now refers to a much darker olive drab style military green- as seen here on both the dial and strap of this exclusive colorway.

The custom ETA 2892-A movement is the heart of this March LA.B automatic watch. This perpetual engine is considered by specialists to be the most precise and reliable movement on the market.

Technical details

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