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March LA.B – JC1 4th Hussard Limited edition

Swiss watch brand March LA.B introduces a limited edition timepiece from their JC 1 series to honour the legendary 4th Hussard regiment of French Army. The 4th Hussard regiment took part in several legendary battles of the Napoleonic era such as Austerlitz and Friedland.

The Hussards were light cavalrymen – the eyes, ears and egos of Napoleon’s army. Tactically, they were used as scouts armed with pistols and swords. They had their own code of honor – one of reckless courage that bordered on a death wish.

The Hussards liked to consider themselves superior horsemen and swordsmen above everyone else. The timepiece model that pays tribute to the 4th Hussard regiment comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide. The dial of JC1 4th Hussard model is inspired by the original 4th Hussard uniform adorned with their regiment insignia.

Technical details

Retail Price
JC1 40 mm 4 th Hussard / Black alligator: 1 090 €

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