2LMX is a Switzerland based luxury watch brand founded by Arnaud Tellier, a passionate watchmaker and restorer of antique timepieces.

Born in 1967 in Rouen, into a family of art lovers and connoisseurs, Arnaud Tellier has become an expert collectible horology and worked in prestigious action house Antiquorum from 1999 to 2000. During his stint at the world’s most important horological auction house, he became familiar with the greatest horological masterpieces and met world-renowned specialists.

His active participation in international auctions also brought him into regular contact with the most important collectors and antique dealers, as well as the CEO’s of all the leading contemporary watchmaking brands.

In 2000, Arnaud Tellier took over the position of director and curator of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva for eleven years. He was actively involved in establishing and opening the museum. He was also responsible for the new acquisitions that enriched the collection, and their description (timepieces and enamel objects dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and Patek Philippe watches made from 1839 to the present day), organising several exhibitions which received international attention, and preparing catalogs as well as nearly one hundred articles published in various specialist publications.

In 2011 Arnaud Tellier opened a consulting firm devoted to the evaluation and acquisition of art objects and collectible horology and objets de vertu (gold, silver and enamel pieces). He has also opened an art gallery in which paintings will hold a prominent place. In addition to these contributions he made to the art of horology, Arnaud Tellier established a new watch brand: 2lmx. The brand produces a small number of exclusive and unique timepieces each year.

2LMX watch by Arnaud TellierEach 2lmx watch is entirely created and manufactured in Switzerland, and is hand finished and assembled, requiring over 1,000 hours. 2lmx has defined its Charter of Quality, whose criteria are stricter than those generally applied in the Swiss watch industry. Each year, a limited series of 5 watches will be produced. Each 2lmx is unique, in terms of its composition.
2LMX watch by Arnaud TellierIn addition to the production of 5 watches annually, on commission, 2lmx can make up to 3 special pieces per year, whose case materials, roller and number colours, and bracelet material and colour may be chosen by the client. These timepieces may be set with precious stones.

1 – Platinum case, black dial, limited edition
2 – Platinum case, white dial, limited edition
3 – Pink gold case, black dial, limited edition
4 – Pink gold case, white dial, limited edition
5 – Anthracite titanium case, black dial, limited edition

Movement features
Vertically constructed
Manually wound, with winding and time-setting crown (patented mechanism)
Driving force generated by 2 parallel barrels
Lever escapement with one-minute tourbillon regulator and compensation balance
Power reserve: approximately 120 hours
Balance frequency: 28800 vibrations / hour, or 4 Hertz
Number of components: 337
Number of jewels: 44
Time display: on six rollers activated by cams (patented mechanisms)

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