Schauer Einzeiger (One Hand Watch) with Durowe 7440 Movement

For over 12 years Jörg Schauer has designed one-hand watches, among them some limited series, such as the “One-hand Gold” etc. In 2011, Jörg Schauer equipped an existing 44mm single hand model with newly introduced Durowe 7440 movement.

The Durowe 7440 movement was created by modifying the Unitas 6498 Caliber. Earlier, Jörg Schauer acquired the brand name rights of Durowe, the legendary movement maker from Germany.

In the base caliber, the master watch maker applied a plain, but high-quality cut together with an unusual „fine adjustment“ to enable the watchmaker to have more control than before when adjusting the regulator key. The smoothed stainless steel hour hand featuring the well-known Schauer finish as well as the well-dosed typography provides an easy-to-read dial – despite of the lacking minute and second hands.

The Einzeiger Schauer is also offered with a Unitas 6498 movement with Geneva Stripes finish and blued screws.

Technical details

Stainless steel matt finished, Ø: 44 mm, height 12.30 mm, strap size 24 mm, sapphire crystal on front- and backside, 5 ATM

Durowe 7440 with special SCHAUER-Finish, power reserve min. 40 hours, Basic Unitas 6498 movement

Black, white printed
Hands: Handmade stainless steel hands

Nappa leather strap black with white stichting 24 mm or, Rubber strap 24 mm

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