Vogard New Licensed Pilot UTC

VOGARD has crafted the first mechanical watch in the world which enables the wearer to easily change time zones with a simple rotation of the bezel. The VOGARD Timezoner® system also is the first ever to allow, at a turn of the bezel, for the indication of Daylight Savings Time in a given location.

In accordance with the internationally approved time zone system the bezel is marked with 24 destinations, one per time zone. The watch has been developed for frequent travelers who are overseas and who eventually need to reset their watch to the local time at their destination.

One of the bestsellers from Vogard is the Licensed Pilot model for fliers. It has attracted a particular following in the aviation world where the proven accuracy and ease of use of the Timezoner system have resulted in many owners regarding their watches almost as tools of their trade.

Designed with pilots in mind, the Licensed Pilot UTC model changes the rules. The new extra large bezel is engraved with the official IATA codes for the main airports of each world time zone and UTC. The mid circle permanently displays the time deviation in hours to UTC, the time standard in aviation.

The outer circle is used for the period from March to September and the inner circle from October to February. Eventually, the bezel accounts for changes in daylight savings time (summer time) in the southern hemisphere and in the northern hemisphere.

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