Saskia maaike Bouvier « Equilibre » (Yin time & the Yang time Collection)

Geneva based watchmaker Saskia maaike Bouvier presents her latest creation, « Equilibre » from the Yin time & the Yang time Collection. The « Equilibre » watch features a guilloché textured dial, that reveals the symbol of opposed, but complementary energies: “yin-yang”.

Created by Saskia maaike Bouvier, in line with genuine Swiss traditions of watchmaking, the SmB901 module operates through ETA 2892 movement. It is enclosed within a 45mm diameter steel case. The materials were meticulously selected to contrast: the dragon’s style bracelet and the steel case, with a glass adorned with diamonds, represent the perfect “Equilibre” between the yin and the yang.

Technical details
– Steel case body, diam. 45mm. – Engraved, numbered and customisable backing.
– Glass adorned with 1,9 carat of diamond. – Automatic SmB 901-12 movement.
– Sapphire glass – Hand-sewn “dragon skin” bracelet and unfolding buckle.
– Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. – Guilloché rhodium-plated dial.

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