Backes & Strauss Regent Princess

The Regent Princess, a beautiful piece of jewellery, designed and crafted by masters. This elaborate but simple design, reminiscent of Backes & Strauss jewellery from the Victorian age has been restyled in a totally modern and practical way to enhance the glamour, strength and beauty of this Royal timepiece.

The unique skills of the watch maker, diamond polisher and jeweller have once again combined to create a fluid, strong, flexible hand crafted masterpiece. The bracelet is a true masterpiece of engineering. Each link is hand made; each diamond is handset and then joined together with the same exactitude and skill that goes to produce a Backes and Strauss watch.

Technical details

  • Size: 32-38 mm Ø
  • Movement: Automatic movement rotor with platinum segment
  • Display: Hours, minutes and seconds. Power reserve: 38 hours
  • Case: 18 kt white or rose gold set with 32 ideal cut diamonds of 2.70 carats
  • Crown: One ideal cut round diamond weighing 0.09 carats
  • Dial: EXT R. 157 ideal cut round brilliant diamonds surround the Mother of Pearl centre
  • Bracelet: 136 ideal cut round brilliant diamonds weighing 18.57 carats
  • Diamonds: Total 326 ideal cut round brilliant diamonds weighing 22.91 carats
  • Cut: Ideal Cut round brilliant.
  • Colour: Collection (F+)
  • Clarity: Clean (Flawless / V V S+)


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