Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Princess

The sparkling Piccadilly Princess Timepiece model in size 37 is crafted in 18kt white gold with a Diamond Dial EXT R; in total it has 327 ideal cut diamonds weighing 23.34 carats. The Princess is crafted in either 18kt white or rose gold and is also available with a Mother of Pearl dial (Classic) and also where ideal cut diamonds surround (Dial EXT) or are surrounded by white Mother of Pearl (Dial INT).

Each 18kt gold case is hand set with one row of 28 ideal cut diamonds weighing 3.95 carats and the four row full diamond bracelet is hand set with 136 ideal cut hand polished diamonds weighing 18.57 carats and signature “Jewel in the Crown” one 0.9 carat ideal cut diamond. Backes & Strauss have perfected the ideal cut diamond where all the light that enters the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and disperses through the top of the diamond, producing maximum fire and brilliance.

Technical details
Model: The Piccadilly Princess
Size: 37mm Ø
Movement: Automatic movement rotor with platinum segment
Display: Hours, minutes and seconds. Power reserve: 38 hours
Case: 18 kt white or rose gold set with 28 ideal cut diamonds of 3.95 carats
Crown: One ideal cut round diamond weighing 0.9 carats.

– Classic dial with hand polished Arabic or Roman 18kt gold numerals OR
– Diamond Dial INT A: 78 ideal cut diamonds weighing 0.35 carats the centre dial, surrounded by white Mother of Pearl and gold Arabic numerals OR
– Diamond Dial Ext R: Roman numerals sit on 162 ideal cut diamonds weighing 0.72 carats which surround the white Mother of Pearl centre dial

136 ideal cut diamonds weighing 18.57 carats
Cut: Ideal Cut round brilliant.
Colour: Collection (F+) Clarity: Clean (Flawless/VVS+)

Diamond Technical Information
Classic: Total 165 diamonds weighing 22.61 carats
Dial INT: Total 243 diamonds weighing 22.96 carats
Dial EXT: Total 327 diamonds weighing 23.34 carats as shown

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