DAVOSA Black Titanium Limited Edition

DAVOSA unveils their new Titanium chronograph, in particular the limited edition, 333-piece, premium version, the Black Titanium, with its black, PVD-coated titanium case and carbon dial,

In addition to the Black Titanium Limited Edition, DAVOSA offers other versions of this timepiece that also employ the precious metal titanium: Either in full titanium or with a black bezel in striking contrast to the light, metal case. All new DAVOSA Titanium chronographs are available from specialist watch retailers from April 2012. The starting price for this model series is 1,598 euros.

Watchmakers at DAVOSA employed materials that have been tried and tested in other technically challenging capacities. These include carbon and titanium, both lightweight yet extremely resilient materials that are used in Formula 1, aviation and aerospace. The monocoque that protects the driver of a Formula 1 car is completely made of carbon. In aircraft construction, the mechanical resilience and light weight of corrosion-resistant titanium are highly prized properties. In large watches carbon and titanium are employed to make watches lighter and more comfortable to wear on the wrist.

A black PVD-coated case brings both aesthetic and protective benefits to watches such as the Black Titanium Limited Edition. PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition, a production process used in industrial tool making in which a maximum degree of hardness is attained. Through vapour deposition of a second material, the hardness of normal steel can be increased many times over, so it even approaches the legendary hardness of diamond. The end result is greater scratch resistance and resilience to damage.

DAVOSA employs a high-quality Swiss automatic movement in its Titanium chronograph; a movement that has been tried and tested over many decades: the Valjoux 7750 (ETA 7750). This classic caliber has been used in top quality chronographs virtually unchanged since 1973. Watch lovers prize this movement for its compactness, precision and robust nature.

Technical details
Titanium case
– Limited edition model Black Titanium Limited Edition – fully PVD-coated
– Ref. 161505.15 and 55 – bezel with PVD coating
Antireflective sapphire crystal
Screwed crown
Integrated pushers
Swiss chronograph movement (automatic) – Valjoux/ETA 7750
Fourfold screw-down glass back
Dimensions: width 48.5mm, length 46mm, height 11.5mm

All the models come with:
– Integrated black leather strap with a double-pin, titanium buckle
– Second leather strap in brown
– Rubber strap
– Strap-changing tool
– Elaborately crafted presentation box

Suggested retail prices with references:
Ref. 161.506.85 – Limited edition, numbered model (333 pieces) with certificate. Black, fully PVD coated, carbon dial. Price: 1,748 euros
Ref. 161505.15 and 55 – Titanium case with black, PVD bezel. Price: 1,648 Euros
Ref. 161503.55 – Full titanium version. Price: 1,598 Euros

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