DAVOSA Argonautic Gun

After the Argonautic Ceramic (2010) and the Argonautic Ceramic Chronograph (2011), DAVOSA is now issuing the Argonautic Gun, a Swiss professional diver with helium valve, ceramic bezel and high-tech coating.

The new model from DAVOSA’s Argonautic range is characterised by the PVD coating of its case, which is not only highly resistant to external influences, but also gives the watch its eponymous colour tone. ‘Gun’ is a dark anthracite hue that is normally used in the military and for weapons, but is now also used for watches, glasses and other accessories. Like every Argonautic, the Gun fulfils all the demands of a real divers’ watch and is available for an exceptionally reasonable 578 euros.
The DAVOSA Argonautic offers a whole lot more: water resistance of up to 330 metres (33 bar/1,000ft), a helium escape valve for professional use, a robust case and an extremely resilient ceramic bezel. The highlight of the Argonautic is its helium escape valve. It ensures controlled pressure equalisation between the watch and its surroundings when returning to the surface.

Professional divers sometimes work under water for days and spend their breaks in diving bells. When returning to the surface in the bell, the change in pressure can cause the watch glass to burst out of the case. To stop this happening, the DAVOSA Argonautic is equipped with a helium escape valve at 10 o’clock. This can be opened by means of a screwed crown while resurfacing, thus ensuring ideal pressure equalisation. Watches that possess this safety feature usually cost thousands of euros. The DAVOSA Argonautic offers an ideal alternative.

In Greek mythology, the Argo was the legendary ship belonging to the hero Jason, who set sail in her to find the Golden Fleece. His trusted companions and fellow adventurers were called the Argonauts. And this is exactly where the DAVOSA Argonautic picks up – on the principle of being a tough and reliable companion for every diver, water sports and outdoor aficionado.

Technical details
Model: Argonautic Gun
Reference: 161.498.85

    • Case: PVD-coated stainless steel; scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and helium escape valve
    • Strap: rubber
    • Movement: mechanical automatic movement
    • Calibre: ETA 2824-2
    • Dimensions: diameter 42.5 mm; height 14mm
    • Weight: 206 g
    • Price: from 578 Euros

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