Manufacture Royale Androgyne

Manufacture Royale is a young & dynamic luxury watch brand that passionately follows two watch-making traditions – the Swiss and the French. After the successful launch of its unique Opera timepiece in 2010-11, the brand now unveils Androgyne, a contemporary, rare and exclusive timepiece with full of character.

The Androgyne features a hand-wound mechanical movement regulated by a tourbillon combining classic and futuristic components to guarantee accuracy over time. A work of art designed for men as well as women, with a remarkable collection including gem-set models and an infinity of variations.
The mission was to create from scratch a timepiece in which all known concepts are pushed to their limits to create the ultimate work of art. With a tourbillion movement made up of 178 components including 17 jewels, and 54 more for the case and buckle, the Androgyne boasts 108 hours of power reserve.

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