DeLaneau Cerisier Collection (Four Seasons Theme )

This year, Swiss luxury watch brand DeLaneau unveils new ladies’ models under new concept “Four Seasons theme “that demonstrate its renowned mastery of the techniques of enamelling and gem setting to the highest degree.

The changing seasons are among nature‘s greatest wonders. We all have our favourite seasons – for some, the finest time of year is the vibrant spring when new life emerges from the earth; others adore the heat of summer, heavy with the scent of flowers, while many find beauty in the autumn or the steely colours of early winter.

Whichever season appeals, DeLaneau has created a wristwatch to evoke it. Drawing on the ancient and mythical cherry blossom tree Cerisier, DeLaneau‘s artists have captured each of the four seasons in Champleve enamel.
The dial representing winter, for example, is painted in black and white, or ‚en grisaille,‘ while the look of spring, summer or autumn is achieved by creating and implementing DeLaneau‘s own colour palette of different enamelled tones to express the shades of each individual season.
Cerisier Collection is the first one in the new Four Seasons theme by DeLaneau. Each watch is created, handcrafted and signed by in-house artisans.

It demonstrates the remarkable multiplicity of talents which exist in the DeLaneau atelier and is created with love and passion from the initial design idea and its preliminary sketches to the setting of the final stone, the last firing of enamel and the ultimate mark of the engraver‘s tool.

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