Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment Timepiece

Harry Winston’s new Ultimate Adornment Timepiece pays tribute to to feather art and to Cluster, the three-dimensional setting invented by Mr. Harry Winston. This famous setting technique enables a combination of brilliant, pear and marquise-cut diamonds in a burst of spontaneous asymmetry. In the Ultimate Adornment timepiece, precious stones are further embellished through being juxtaposed with the voluptuously fascinating and majestic elements produced by nature.

With its delicate silhouette, the Ultimate Adornment Timepiece lovingly entwines 191 diamonds around a long, slender neck, magnificently dressing a woman skin with the quintessence of charm and distinction. The case, composed of 16 marquise-cut, a single pear-cut and 42 brilliant-cut diamonds, falls in perfectly free, shimmering harmony.

The hours and minutes of a romantic, elegant time are seductively counted off on a dial with a gleaming iris, while the peacock, with its silky elegance, lends its graceful plumage to embellish the piece.

This dazzling work of art from the Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment collection, can be worn as a brooch or a pendant, and is composed of 62 carats of diamonds and 14 feathers. The brooch twirls and pivots to form a splendid fanned shape composed of gossamer-light feathers. Rimmed with stones forming a flamboyant diadem of 26 marquise-cut, five pear-cut and 10 brilliant-cut diamonds, the piece gracefully spreads like the wings of a gentle bird poised for flight.

Technical details
Model: Ultimate Adornment Timepiece
Reference: 539LQPP.PL/01

Type: Quartz
Functions: Hours, minutes

Case and necklace
Material: Platinum and 18K white gold
Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire
Water resistance: 30 meters

– Gemsetting
130 brilliant-cut diamonds (36.15 carats
19 marquise-cut diamonds (10.31 carats)
1 pear-cut diamond (1.08 carats)

18K white gold with peacock feather marquetry

Material: Polished 18K white gold
Feather-art motif 11 duck and peacock feathers

– Gemsetting
10 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.97 carats)
21 marquise-cut diamonds (0.93 carat)
3 pear-cut diamonds (1.08 carats)

Material: Polished 18K white gold
Feather-art motif 3 duck and peacock feathers

– Gemsetting
5 marquise-cut diamonds (1.48 carats)
2 pear-cut diamonds (0.49 carats)

Jewelry clasp

Total carat weight
62.35 carats

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