Milus Merea TriRetrograde Steel – New Versions

Swiss luxury watch brand Milus has endowed its steel Merea TriRetrograde model with new dials that combine sober design with subtle guilloché decoration. In naming the watch Merea, the Milus designers took their inspiration from Mira, a star in the constellation of Cetus the Whale. As with its celestial counterpart, the Merea model by Milus has established itself as an outstanding creation.

The model features an oval case with a sensual shape featuring a large crown with a fluted relief. The model has a very original system to attach the bracelet. Its playful seconds display on three arcs of 20 seconds each is driven by the exclusive Milus 3838 TriRetrograde mechanism.

Today, the Merea TriRetrograde steel collection features entirely redesigned dials that complement the open-worked versions and thereby fulfill the quest for elegance. Gracing models of great refinement, these dials are distinguished by the marriage of several guilloché decorations that engage light in subtle play: “beehive” guilloché in the central area, circular guilloché for the periphery, and a wave pattern for the three little segments of the retrograde seconds.

The large Arab numerals enhance these watches’ sophistication and dynamism. These dials come in three versions of contrasting character: silvery opaline with blue numerals, silvery opaline with red gold numerals, and black with silver numerals. These dials come on steel versions either plain or set with stones, and with alligator or steel bracelets.

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