Harry Winston Premier Feathers

The House of Harry Winston carefully merges two ancient arts, traditional watch making of Switzerland and the nearly forgotten Feather art technique to create Premier Feathers; a spectacular collection that itself follows in the footsteps of the very first watch collection of the great jeweler.

Revisiting the aesthetic codes of the Premier Collection has given rise to the sophisticated curves of the case, which sensually dresses the wrist, while the three neoclassical arches are reminiscent of the famous facade of the Harry Winston salon in New York. The Premier Feathers opens the doors to a universe where beauty is expressed in its purest form. The dials on each of these four models are decorated with marquetry in the great tradition of feather art which was embellishing the headwear and other finery of royalty.

Harry Winston entrusted this delicate task to Nelly Saunier, one of the few craftspersons who still practice Feather art technique. The feathers, sourced with a respect for the environment, are obtained from species raised specifically for this purpose, and each is selected with great care. Only the most beautiful are chosen. In some cases they are cut to size or shape and positioned on the surface of the dial, under a loupe to ensure the most accurate possible placement.
Each dial takes approximately seven hours of work to make, a task requiring great skill and dexterity. Like watchmaking, this technique is a time-intensive craft. It also takes true virtuosity to bring out the shimmer of the feathers – a living, fragile precious material – while creating subtle reflection. Like the 16th-century feather mosaic pictures so prized in Europe, each dial is unique. Every model has its own personality. The silvery dial symbolizes refinement and sensitivity, the black one with white touches reflects the ultimate in elegance. The peacock-feather composition expresses femininity and sophistication, while the deep-blue creation embodies mystery.

The feather dials fit perfectly with the setting of the timepiece. This collection pays tribute to Cluster, the three dimensional setting technique invented by Mr. Harry Winston which enables a spontaneously asymmetrical association of brilliant, pear and marquise-cut stones. Delicately cut, the precious stones are nestled against each other to form a sparkling composition.

Technical details
Collection: Premier Feathers from Premier Collection™

PL01: 210/LQ36RL.PL01/D3.1
PL02: 210/LQ36RL.PL02/D3.1
PL03: 210/LQ36WL.PL03/D3.1
PL04: 210/LQ36WL.PL04/D3.1

Type: Quartz
Functions: Hours and minutes

Material: 18K white or rose gold set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.45 carats)
Crown: Set with one brilliant-cut diamond
Crystal: Sapphire
Diameter: 36 mm
Thickness: 7.2 mm
Water-tightness: 30 meters

PLO1: Marquetry of silver pheasant feathers
PLO2: Marquetry of Lady Amherst pheasant feathers
PLO3: Marquetry of peacock feathers
PLO4: Marquetry of ring-necked pheasant feathers


Material: 18K white or rose gold set with 29 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.19 carat)
Type: Pin-type

Total carat weight: 96 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.64 carats)

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