DENT Denison Limited Edition

Introduced in 2011, the Dent Denison is a classic, three-handed wristwatch made in the finest English tradition by the Makers of Big Ben. This new model from Dent London, one of the greatest names in watchmaking, is inspired from an earlier Dent design that was originally available during the 1920s and 30s. The Denison is a supremely elegant gentleman’s watch which will be made in a limited edition of 100 pieces in 18 carat rose gold and 100 pieces in 18 carat white gold.

The delectable cushion case houses a crisp, white dial bearing hand-applied Breguet numerals and providing a small date aperture at three o’clock. The dial is complemented by ‘teardrop’ hour and minute hands and a straight seconds hand, each made from steel which is ‘blued’ in the traditional English method.

An ‘officer’ style case back (which provides a perfect blank canvas for engravement and personalisation) hinges open to reveal an internal plate sporting a meticulously hand-engraved pattern in the style of the great English designer William Morris.

A semi-circular crystal reveals details of the exquisitely-made automatic movement – Dent’s first totally new movement for around 60 years – which is based on a classic English lever escapement design.

Again, the winding rotor is embellished with Morris-style engraving while the plates and bridges carry the very signature of traditional English watchmaking in the form of a frosted finish. Fully wound, the movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours. Each Dent Denison is hand made to order and requires a lead time of six months to complete.

The Great Clock (colloquially known as Big Ben, which is really the name of the main bell) is probably the single most famous timekeeper in the world. Dent London has named its new wristwatch ‘the Denison’ in honour of Edmund Beckett Denison, the great figure who also involved in the creation of Big Ben.

Denison, a lawyer and amateur horologist, was one of few people who believed Astronomer Royal George Airy’s stipulation that the mechanism be accurate to within one second in order to be acceptable. Denison worked with Dent to design the Great Clock, helping him to engineer its unique double three-legged gravity, or ‘remontoir,’ escapement which is driven by the pendulum and which ensures the accuracy of the going train.

Technical details

Case: 18 carat rose or white gold
Dimensions: 43.5mm by 35 mm.
Movement: Self-winding, classic lever escapement to Dent design.
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Availability: Limited to 100 pieces in rose gold and 100 pieces in white gold.
Retail price: $39,950. Each watch individually hand-made to order.

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