Anonimo Firenze Professionale Crono Titanio

The Anonimo Professionale Crono Titanio is a diver’s watch in titanium and Drass that was developed in collaboration with professional divers from the C.N.S. (Cooperazione Nazionale Sommozzatori). The watch’s performance is enhanced even further thanks to its titanium grade 5 case.

Titanium is just as durable as stainless steel and equally effective in an sea environment, but it is much lighter. Moreover, this titanium watch case can withstand pressures of 200 ATM as compared to 120 ATM for the steel version.

Anonimo Firenze has finished the case with a stainless steel bezel treated with Drass (Double Refinished Anonimo Steel Surface). This is a unique treatment, developed by Anonimo Firenze for darkening the colour of steel.

This increases the metal’s resistance to corrosion and at the same time it becomes non reflective, a camouflage effect that is essential in military settings. The Anonimo Professionale Crono Titanio is waterproof up to 2,000 metres depth. Limited edition of 100 numbered pieces.

Suggested retail price: € 8,850

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