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Meccaniche Veloci Only One Collection : RACE

This year, Italian luxury watch brand Meccaniche Veloci will introduce its “Only One Collection”, an exclusive line of watches, unique products, made from materials linked to the world of high-speed racing sports and aeronautics.

The creative time lab, well-known to the public for having applied the engineering technology from pistons in high-end watches, is innovating anew in 2012, introducing watches made from materials used in the world of high speed – in cars and aircraft.  Always dedicated to its high values of attention to design and the extreme precision of its “Swiss made” components, the “Only One Collection” has been developed from the world of motor racing (RACE range) and the aeronautical industry (AIR range) — the watch faces are inspired by motorbikes and sports cars in the first range, and military aircraft and helicopters in the second.

Interpreting RACE are the components of auto sport and motorcycles which have seen speed in rigorous world competitions. Thus, parts of the chassis and undersides of famous two- and four-wheel machines, take on a new life inside the dials of the Due and Quattro Valvole “Only One Collection”, giving to those who wear them the emotion of unrepeatable and unique sporting moments, distinctive like every single watch of this new collection.

The protagonists of the AIR models are the military aircraft most representative of international aeronautics: helicopters, bombers and fighter planes that entered the history of aviation via their numerous interventions in war operations, highlight the distinctive treatment of the “Only One Collection”. Cockpits, tail pieces and airplane and helicopter stabilisers, become the contemporary witnesses of a great history that continues to be told in the dials of these prestigious timepieces.

The “Only One Collection” merges high speed by land and air, with unique watches, incorporating exclusive fragments from a rich and fascinating history.  Each unique piece from the collection is rigorously certified by the company, which guarantees the authenticity of the materials used in their manufacture.

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