De Motu DMG-11 Pilot Watch Limited Edition

Finnish watch manufacturer, De Motu Watches Ltd  is launching  its DMG-11 Pilot Instrument, the world’s first device to unite a g-meter measuring g-forces with a traditional watch. The De Motu DMG-11 Pilot Instrument is the essence of extreme aviation, the discipline where military and aerobatic pilots defy crushing g-loads relying on the accuracy of their instruments.

The DMG-11 is designed and crafted in classic aviation style in line with the look and feel of a cockpit instrument. Powered by the in-house DM 101 movement, a high-precision, temperature-compensated movement with a quartz oscillator and a genuine instrument function, this high-flying Pilot Instrument can be relied upon by pilots to accurately measure g-forces and keep time in the air and on the ground.

The DMG-11 features a classic large dial (Ø 39 mm) with current and maximum g-readings, and a small dial with hours, minutes, seconds and date. The luminous numbers provide legibility in all conditions and the tactile feel of the knobs make sure that the pilot knows, without looking, which function has been activated.

The DMG-11 will fascinate extreme pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Available in stainless steel, DIARC-coated stainless steel and titanium, the first series is introduced in a limited edition of 90 pieces. Retail prices start at 6,875 euros and reach 8,848 euros (VAT excluded) depending on the material.

De Motu Pilot Instruments are manufactured in facilities at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport, one of the oldest operational airports in Europe. The production facilities are adjacent to the hangar, from where each device is taken up by plane for a punishing high-g test flight

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