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Renaissance Tourbillon Minute Repeater by Speake-Marin

Independent luxury watch maker Speake-Marin unveils Renaissance, an open-dial, tourbillon minute repeater that announces the time as spectacularly as it announces an important new dawn for Speake-Marin.

Renaissance incorporates an accumulation of knowledge and experience, and takes the classical Speake-Marin elements to another level: another level of elegance, with its slim design; another level of mechanical complexity, with its tourbillon and minute-repeater; and another level of aesthetic sophistication, with its open-dial architecture featuring harmonious bridge design and superlative finishing.

Back of each Renaissance movement is decorated with a different intricate hand-engraved design making each one a unique piece.

With this Renaissance timepiece, Peter Speake-Marin has embarked on his own intellectual journey of rediscovery to harness the classical elements of Speake-Marin and reinterpret them to extraordinary effect.


In Renaissance tourbillon minute repeater, all of the quintessential Speake-Marin qualities are there to behold, qualities that go right back to the Foundation Watch, the very first timepiece to bear the Speake-Marin name. Renaissance features the iconic Piccadilly case; characteristic pleated crown; signature Foundation hands; intricate hand-engraving; and, as with the Foundation Watch and many subsequent models, the signature Speake-Marin topping-tool motif, here in the form of the tourbillon cage.

In addition to retracing all that he has worked on and developed since the inception of the eponymous Speake-Marin brand over a decade ago, Peter Speake-Marin has also drawn on his formative years working in antique timepiece restoration in Piccadilly, London where he worked extensively on minute-repeaters.

The Renaissance movement was developed to Speake-Marin’s specifications by La Fabrique du Temps in Geneva. The 60-second tourbillon at 5 o’clock maximises timekeeping precision by averaging the effects of positional variations caused by gravity. But the tourbillon provides esthetical as well as technical benefits as it rotates, catching the light and the eye thanks to the fine finishing of its topping-tool shaped cage, with a heat-blued hand indicating seconds. Timekeeping precision is also ensured thanks to an isochronism-improving free-sprung balance and the lightweight, energy-efficient silicon escape wheel and anchor.

Minute Repeater
The minute repeater, activated by a slider on the case band at 9 o’clock, chimes the hours, the quarters-hours and minutes after the quarter-hours so enabling the ‘reading’ of the time without having to look at or see the dial. The Renaissance minute repeater features an all-or-nothing mechanism, found on the highest-quality minute repeaters, which avoids the incorrect time being chimed if the slide is incompletely activated. The regularity of the chimes are silently and precisely controlled by a centrifugal inertia regulator, that can be appreciated through the display back thanks to its large trans-parent sapphire bearing. The display-back also reveals the repeater hammers and gong with ‘London-Geneva’ engraved on the repeater mainspring bridge, while the straight drum-like sides and form of the Piccadilly case and the open dial act as the perfect amplifier for the crystalline chimes.

Open-dial architecture
The technical, visual and aural theatre of Renaissance’s tourbillon and minute repeater is complemented by a daring open-dial architecture in which the Speake-Marin bridge and component designs are in full resplendence. And where carefully-contoured curves are juxtaposed with straight-angled lines, all parts beautifully hand-bevelled and superlatively finished. Superb legibility for reading the time is provided by heat-blued Foundation-style hour and minute hands coupled with engraved indices on the chapter ring with engraved and lacquered Roman numerals at 12, 3, and 9 o’clock.

Unique hand-engraved movement
If the open dial – with its exposed micromechanics, repeater and tourbillon – is a horological work of art, turning over Renaissance reveals more superb artwork in the form of unique intricate hand-engraved designs on the movement back plate.

Speake-Marin designed the back movement bridges so that the whole of the surface of the back of Renaissance is like a canvas where the master watch maker himself could fully maximise the possibilities of engraving. It has given him the liberty to be able to explore many different artistic avenues.

For him these unique hand engravings complete Renaisance on both technical and aesthetic levels. Engravings of this sort are also a classic Speake-Marin element. Many of the early pieces he created were dragon-orientated, working with either Japanese artists or European engravers but often in an Asiatic style and first two Renaissance pieces bear beautiful dragon engravings.

Every Renaissance Tourbillon Minute Repeater is a unique piece.

Technical details

Model: Speake-Marin Renaissance Tourbillon Minute Repeater

Features and  indications
Foundation-style, heat-blued hour and minute hands
Heat-blued second hand on tourbillon cage at 5 o’clock
Open dial revealing finely-finished movement

Dial and hands
Hours, minutes and small seconds (on tourbillon cage)
Minute repeater featuring an all-or-nothing mechanism and centrifugal inertia regulator
60-second tourbillon
Each piece features a unique, hand-engraved movement

Case and Strap
Iconic Piccadilly design
Dimensions: 44.0mm x 11mm
Three-piece case crafted in 18k red gold
Two-position Speake-Marin crown
Minute repeater slider on case band at 9 o’clock
Sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 3atm/30m/100’
Case-back circumference engraving: “Speake-Marin – Minute Repeater – The Piccadilly- Tourbillon”  Strap made from natural alligator skin with gold tang buckle

Dimensions: 32.4mm x 5.36mm
Power reserve: 100 hours
Jewels: 29
No. of components: 330
Speake-Marin signature motif topping tool design tourbillon cage
Tourbillon cage: 13.59mm
Free-sprung balance
Balance frequency: 21,600vph / 3Hz
Balance diameter: 8.8mm (9.6mm with regulating screws)
Balance inertia: 10mg/cm2
Silicon anchor and escape wheel
Two-hammer minute repeater featuring all-or-nothing mechanism
Speake-Marin bridge design and hand-finishes
Unique, hand-engraved motif on back plate
The latter includes “Speake-Marin – Piece Unique Gravée Main”
Minute repeater chime mechanism engraving: “Geneva-London”

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