Cornelius & Cie CHRONSOME 46 XY Tourbillon

As an extension of the independent Swiss brand’s CHRONSOME 46 XY collection, the Cornelius & Cie CHRONSOME 46 XY Tourbillon featuring Damascus Steel case was first unveiled at Geneva Time Exhibition 2011 held from 17 to 21 of January 2011.

Damascus Steel is a type of steel alloy that is both hard and flexible, a combination that makes it ideal for the building of swords. The steel used by Cornelius & Cie is a mixture of two stainless steel kinds and purely decorative.

Cornelius & Cie CHRONSOME 46 XY Tourbillon

The visible pattern is obtained by etching the case with “king’s water” or “aqua regia”, a highly corrosive acid that can also dissolve noble metals like gold or platinum. The pattern of each case is different and therefore unique.

The dial, depicting an imperial dragon, is made of solid gold, cut out and engraved entirely by hand by master engraver Kees Engelbarts. After the engraving and finishing the dragon is silver plated and oxidized in order to give the engraving more “depth”. The dragon is mounted on a Damascus Steel back plate.
Cornelius & Cie CHRONSOME 46 XY Tourbillon watchThe movement is a double barrel tourbillon with 120 hours (5 days) power reserve and also cut out and engraved by hand. The finish of the movement is matte to match the finish of the Damascus Steel case and ruthenium plated.

This Dragon Tourbillon is a unique piece but customers can order the “same” watch and choose their own design/engraving as well as material of the case, color and finishing of the movement etc… since Cornelius & Cie, as always, offers extensive possibilities to personalize their watches.

Technical details

Model: Cornelius & Cie CHRONSOME 46 XY Tourbillon

Hours, minutes

Etched Damascus Steel
Winding crown: Etched Damascus Steel
Dimensions: 44mm x 12mm
Water resistance: 3ATM / 30 meter
Crystals: Anti-reflection sapphire crystal front and back

Dragon in solid gold, silver plated, cut out and engraved by hand

Manual wound 13¼”’ tourbillon, 28’800 Alt/H
5 days (120 hours) power reserve twin barrel
Hand-engraved and finished, ruthenium plated
27 jewels

Alligator leather, buckle in Etched Damascus Steel

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