BAUSELE Surf, Yachting and Wine Bar Watches

BAUSELE, the Australia based Swiss watch brand founded by Christophe Hoppe, presents its debut collection comprised of three models: Surf, Yachting and Wine Bar.

The brand name BAUSELE stands for Beyond AUStralian ELEments. The new watch models respectively celebrate three integral parts of Australian lifestyle: yachting, surfing, partying.

BAUSELE also pays tribute to the abundant natural resources of Australia by housing elements such as grains of sand, coal and red earth in the specially created crown of each timepiece.

BAUSELE watch crown

BAUSELE Surf is a 40mm watch inspired by Australia’s favourite aquatic sports, Surfing. In addition to basic time keeping, it offers tide indication and date display.

BAUSELE Surf watch

Its power source is a Swiss made quartz calibre, made by ISA Swiss SA. Water resistant to 200 meters, this model also features an external diving bezel.

BAUSELE Yachting watch
BAUSELE Yachting

Specially designed for aquatic sports lovers and sailors, the BAUSELE Yachting watch features special functions like countdown indicator, Progress keeper and race timing functions. Water proof to 200 meters, this 43mm stainless steel watch is driven by a Swiss made ISA quartz movement.

BAUSELE Wine Bar watch

BAUSELE Wine Bar is a unisex wristwatch inspired by the cheerfulness of Australia. This 36mm diameter vintage themed watch in stainless steel is water resistant to 200 meters. Powered by an ISA Swiss quartz movement, it displays the date at 3 o’clock and fully spelt day of the week at 12 o’clock.

BAUSELE watches

These BAUSELE watches are Swiss made. The Surf, Yachting and Wine Bar models come with fast interchangeable straps. These timepieces are available with three dial colours: sand, red earth and coal. The suggested retail price range is $290 to $490.

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