De Bethune Dream Watch IV Limited Edition

At Baselworld 2011, De Bethune launched a mechanical fob watch named DBM, an offbeat concept born from the original association between a smartphone and a mechanical pocket watch.

In Nov 2011, the watch Manufacture created a high end version of DBM: the De Bethune Dream Watch IV dedicated to the visionary Steve Jobs and paying eloquent tribute to his groundbreaking genius.

Equipped with avant-garde armour in sculpted, specular-polished and bead blasted titanium, the Dream Watch IV simultaneously provides mechanical protection for the phone and electromagnetic protection for the user by reducing the physiological impact of its potentially damaging waves.

This timepiece with its spaceship-inspired design, features shimmering light effects playing across the complex dial architecture and the carefully chosen and fashioned materials. The dark gleam of the hand-polished blued titanium and the sparkling light of the white gold and diamond stars give this creation a unique look.

The depth of this star-lit sky is revealed by the alternating convex outer curves and concave centre curves, featuring a “spine” that draws the gaze naturally towards the silvered hour and minute discs.

The De Bethune Dream Watch IV is available in a limited edition of 12 pieces.


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