Artauro watches are inspired by the Spanish fighting bull which is a symbol of the Spanish culture and history and of the world around bullfighting. Its original designs of fine watchmaking originate from this.

Throughout thousands of years, the fighting bull was one of the greatest symbolic exponents found by the human being in the cosmos who was identified as a God.

Artauro watches

Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, Cretan, Greek, Roman and Iberian cultures turned the bull into a symbolic representation of immortality and light and in the symbol of seeds or grain wheat that die in the land to bear fruit. The noblest virtues of mankind have always been exalted in Gods. Those eternal values, desires and the most universal and deepest aspirations that have driven and inspired mankind were represented by the sacred symbolism of the fighting bull throughout the ages.

Artauro watches

The Spanish people have made the fighting bull become a major figure in the country´s culture, festivals, and many of their beliefs through history. From the Middle Ages and especially the Baroque period, running of bulls through the streets and bullfights were arranged to celebrate the most important political, religious, traditional and institutional celebrations such as weddings or the births of Royal Household and aristocracy members as well as saints ´canonizations or temples and cathedrals ´blessings from the Church.

Artauro watches

Artauro was established in Spain by Juan Moragas Frances and his wife Magdalena Ferrera Martinez. Although they are both Spanish born, they have a broad experience of over 25 years working side by side in Switzerland with important and well-known international watchmaking companies based in this country. However, in 2002, they decided to return to Spain where they founded Moragas Technologie S.L.L. This company became the first in Spain to manufacture and supply high precision parts for Swiss watchmaking mechanisms.

Artauro watches

Juan and Magdalena have dedicated several years to create, develop and conceptualize Artauro. One of the innovations of Artauro is that it includes unique materials that have never been used before in the watchmaking trade. For instance, it is worth mentioning that one of these materials is the fighting bull horn. All parts of Artauro are manufactured by Moragas Technologie, S.L.L. in Spain except for the straps and some mechanisms which are handmade in Spain and Switzerland.

A serial number is unique to each Artauro timepiece. The timekeepers are aimed at collectors and exclusive luxury watch lovers. It is also obviously aimed at people who are fascinated by this marvelous and powerful animal which is the fighting bull.

Artauro Classic Watch

The research of new technical materials developed in the biggest laboratories and watchmaking materials is one of the priorities of the watchmaking brands, constant research of the « composant » that will make the brand stand out of the concurrence.

ARTAURO got an innovative and dared idea; it is the first watchmaking brand that uses a natural organic animal material for the fabrication of the runabound components of the case and the clock face. In fact, from the horn of « the brave bull », emblematic animal of the area of the south of Spain, Andalusia, is treated, cut out, shaped, so as to adorn and give an exceptional and unique side to the Watch.

ARTAURO, by dint of conviction and insistence, knew how to master the fabrication of this unique material. Many efforts , of control, of the decrease so that « the shaped component, respond to the quality asked by ARTAURO, making of that « component » a unique pièce and therefore making the Watch ARTAURO, unique and exceptional.


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