VALBRAY V.01 Titanium Extension (2011) : Titanium Red Gold & Titanium Full Black

The VALBRAY V.01 collection has been enriched by new titanium models.

The lightness of this new material – and its sanded aspect, due to the smoothness of the satin – emphasize the sporting side of the watch. The waterproofing extends to 5 atmospheres, thanks to its in-depth construction. The technical aspects are enhanced by the hours and minutes path, engraved on the bezel, and by the new multi-layered which is both extremely slim and based upon a honeycomb grid.

The date on the top left completes a dial configuration based on the co-presence of different circles: the hours and minutes chronograph cursors, with a refined linear layout, and the seconds wheel.

The 3h,5 metallic indication is set to the right side of the dial, giving the watch another touch of personality. The black and marine canvas bracelets are water resistant and perfectly embrace the casing thanks to a metallic insert. The V.01 Titanium extension presents two new models: The V.01 Titanium / Red Gold & V.01 Titanium/Full Black

VALBRAY V.01 Titanium / Red Gold

The V.01 Titanium / Red Gold model contra poses the sporting and modern aspects of the titanium with the more classical and elegant aesthetics of the gold. The honeycomb gives a dual color to the dial: according to the positioning of the watch it appears black or metallic. This effect reinforces the watch concept of duality ( chronograph dial / 3 hand dial).

The red gold hands create a striking contrast with the black of the diaphragm blades. The case has red gold inserts, PVD buttons and a red gold and PVD crown.

VALBRAY Titanium/Full Black

Every piece of the V.01 Titanium is given by a black DLC treatment. The different materials and finishing allow the fine details of the watch to appear, depending on the angle of light.

The “hide and reveal” game of the diaphragm blades become the global concept on this V.01 Full Black model; the elements unmask their selves little by little, depending on the angle from which the timepiece is viewed.


The rotating bezel and its obturation system are a high-precision micro-mechanical masterpiece. Its groundbreaking, sophisticated build is engineered for superior ergonomics, smooth operation and countless rotation cycles.

Valbray tackled several challenges to make it:

– Building the entire mechanical system into a 45-mm-diameter bezel, with 30-mm diameter dial
– Overlaying two dials with different features
– A perfectly round, concentric opening regardless of the watch’s calibre
– The rotating bezel is watertight

The obturator system has several functions:

  • Esthetic: To hide or reveal one of the two dials and play with the contrast between the classical look, when the obturator is close, and the sportive one, when it’s open.
  • Functional: The closed position allows a simplified reading of the hour and minute because it hides the chronograph functions.
  • Fun: The interaction with the bezel and the sensation of touch adds a fun dimension to the watch.

The case is ovoid and identifiable by pulled lines and shinning chamfer. The sculpted edges radiate that energy and nestle the hallmark jutting crown and buttons.

The dial appears little by little according to the bezel rotation. The V of the logo emerges, with the fun 3,5. The dial is in relief. The back honeycomb is a very hard and accurate work. Each surface is divided in distinct pieces which are sculpted in the mass and hand finished. This decomposition allows an infinite variation of colour and finish.

The dial is hand assembled and set, like a puzzle. The machining of these thin pieces requires strong skills and a precision of less than 0,01mm in order to make the assembly with high precision. These effects are not doable with a stamped dial.

The hands of hour and minutes present the originality to be fully machined in one bloc that allows beautiful facets. Energetic and sharp, these hands are the result of more than 20 manufacturing operations. Cast in one piece, sculpted and openwork in the mass, these identifiable hands are hand – faceted, brushed and angled. These delicate operations need the knowhow of very skilled workers.

The rotator is decomposed into 17 parts carefully designed with a particular geometry recalling the hands style. It is provided with ceramic balls bearing that do not require lubrication and with arms that allow radial shock absorption.

The bracelets are in black mat marine canvas, handmade and equipped by a patented deploying buckle extremely thin and reliable. Subdivided in different parts, it has a lot of details and it represents the style of the watch.

Technical details

Model: VALBRAY V.01 Titanium

VR01 E (Titanium Red Gold)
VR01 F (Titanium Full Black)

Titanium grade 5, Red Gold and PVD treatment (Titanium Red Gold)
Titanium grade 5 and DLC treatment

Double display mechanism ( obturator) actuated manually by turning the bezel

Reference: V.CA1
Type: Mechanical and automatic chronograph
Finishing: Hand decorated
Rotor: Redesign tri-material rotor winding made in 17 parts ON CERAMIC BALL BEARING
Frequency: 28 800 alt/h (4hz)
25 functional jewels
44 Hours of power reserve

Type: 16 blades with a multilayer treatment
Design: Constant circular opening
Color: Black blades / Grey bezel

Multi –layered based on a honeycomb grid

Sapphire crystal
Bezel: anti reflective coated double side
Back: antireflective coating single side

Extra-mat black marine canvas, hand made
Patented deployant buckle with a thin design

Limited edition
250 pieces numbered


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