Founded in 2003, Azimuth is the brainchild of two Singaporean watch enthusiasts, Christopher Long and Alvin Lye. Known for its highly innovative yet competitively priced mechanical watches, AWC’s quality timepieces are manufactured entirely in Switzerland. The watches span a variety of styles from race car instrument panel-like to vintage military watch designs, as well as a range of complications from chronographs to multiple-time zone indicators.

Azimuth creates avant-garde mechanical timepieces. Azimuth watches sport a variety of styles never before seen in the world of luxury horology, from race car instrument panels to gaming tables to robots. Azimuth manages the entire mechanical timepiece production from research, development and manufacturing, to retail, distribution and delivery worldwide.

Azimuth’s four foundation pillars that guide its watch-making philosophy are: avant-garde designs, mechanical complications, Swiss-made quality and competitive pricing. Azimuth is distributed in Europe, North, South and Central Americas, the Middle East and Asia. Azimuth also owns and manages its own Exclusive Boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia.


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