Artya « Fish or Fly ?» 1/1

This time luxury watch brand ArtyA is doing some thing fishy with the art of horology. Its team has dived into the deep waters of the Geneva’s lake to decorate its new model’s dial with real fish scales of fresh water. The silvery and pearly reflections of the dial change according to the light and the position of the Watch, matching the famous struck box. A blue bracelet in authentic perch finalizes the concept of this exceptional aquatic timekeeper available at the price of 3900.–‐CHF in series of unique pieces 1/1.

Technical details
Entirely manufactured and assembled by master watchmakers in Switerland, the self-­‐winding mechanical movement’s balance oscillates at 28,000 vibrations per hour.

“Coup de foudre” embossed, defaced, tortured and struck by lightning i.e.100,000 volts, 200,000 volts, 500,000 volts and even 1,000,000 volts
Water resistant up to 50 meters

Each dial is a unique work of art. Hand decorated according to 17 specific artistic techniques up to now unexploited in the watchmaking field. They combine collage, application of dyes and pigments,forging, etc. For this piece, fish scales are added to the dial, giving it a unique and nice finish.

The hand-­‐sewn strap is made tanned with perch skin

24 months

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