Tiffany & Co. Atlas Cocktail

Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd presents the new Atlas Cocktail in black. Its shimmering black lacquered dial, full cut diamonds and distinctive Roman numerals give the new Atlas Cocktail the lustrous glow of glamour and sophistication.

The Atlas line’s characteristic Roman numerals recall those of the iconic Tiffany & Co. clock above the entrance to its flagship 5th Avenue boutique in Manhattan. The new Atlas Cocktail in black presents these iconic numerals in a stylish, contemporary interpretation, adding radiance to luxury. Indicating hours XII, III, VI and IX, the numerals are set within circular tracks atop the anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Studded with full cut diamonds, the Roman numerals and concentric tracks form a dazzling chapter ring.

Beneath the diamond-encrusted surface lies a glowing, black lacquered dial adorned with slim, polished, faceted triangle hands and the Tiffany & Co. logo, just below XII o’clock. In keeping with the high-jewellery character of this watch, the crown and the clasp on the 18-carat white gold buckle present top-class diamonds as well. A black satin strap lends further distinction to this assured, superbly styled timepiece.

The Atlas Cocktail in black is presented in a beautifully polished 18-carat white gold case. Full cut diamonds on the chapter ring, crown and clasp number 197 in all for the 36 mm model. The Atlas Cocktail in black is available in three sizes, with 26 mm, 30 mm and 36 mm diametre cases.

The Atlas Cocktail is also available in red gold with a white lacquered dial and white satin strap, in 26 mm, 30 mm and 36 mm sizes. This watch is also available in red, white or yellow gold with a white mother-of-pearl dial and a white satin strap, in 26 mm, 30 mm and 36 mm sizes.

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