PINKO Watches Pianoforte Collection

The new PINKO watches Pianoforte collection was unveiled at Baserlworld 2011. This collection possesses the contemporary spirit of the women-clothing brand, extraordinary company operating in the Made in Italy fashion world.

As for PINKO’s wardrobe with its glamorous style – which amazes and fascinates with its cosmopolitan look and is beloved by the celebrity world –, the new timepieces are strongly proposed as a must-have; an inevitable accessory on every fashion addict’s wrist.

As all the PINKO outfits, the original and unique Pianoforte features a versatile and dynamic style, which combines technical quality and high aesthetic value, through original details – as the peculiar transparent dial – which stand out in the “dress code” of ladies’ wardrobe.

The new PINKO timepiece is a contemporary review of a historical model of the 80’s, and represents a return to a classic vintage, though combined with a strong pop flair. Pianoforte features a 43mm diameter, stainless steel case, which contains a mechanic hand-winding movement with blue-chrome screws, completed by 17 jewels.

The movement is classic, reviewed in a glam way: a skeleton which is visible both through the back case and the front glass.

This is a detail of great effect, which gives a sophisticated and original accent to the models of the new PINKO Watch collection: the front glass, in fact, is the dial, on which the logo, numerals, index and seconds at 9, are shown. The crown is demi-boule and allows to wind the watch and to create a hypnotic and compelling trendy effect for those who look at it.

Pianoforte is water resistant at 5 atmospheres, and is proposed with leather strap available in white or black decorated with the PINKO logo or in solid colors combined with the dial.

The PINKO’s logo, coordinated in color and style with the dials’ graphic, is presented in four color variations: green, orange, blue and pink, which give to the whole collection an easy-pop impression.

Technical details

Collection: PINKO Watches – Pianoforte

  • Stainless steel case of 43mm of diameter
  • Mechanic hand winding skeleton movement, with 17 jewels and blue-chrome screws
  • Transparent dial with logo, numerals, index and seconds at 9
  • Leather strap in white or black with PINKO logo in green, orange, blue or pink, combined with the dial
  • Water resistant at 5 atm

PINKO is an Italian fashion clothing and lifestyle brand founded by Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini. Established in the late 80s, this label has been dealing with the fashion needs of independent, strong and glamorous women.

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